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Category: simple pliny

10/16/10 03:52 - 57.ºF - ID#52959

Sick of clutter.

My flat is in a dreadful state of preventable clutter and it's annoying! There is always this small corner in my flat that has a big laundry box with piled up papers, journals, books and whatnots. I am determined to get rid of that pile today. I really like the idea of a floor level "bookshelf".


My floors are not grey but they are due for a thorough cleaning and polish. It's been 7 months since I polished them last.
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Category: the odes

10/13/10 10:43 - 53.ºF - ID#52949

So what did you do today?

And now I just want to sleep for 100 hours.
Good Night.

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Category: e:strip

10/10/10 08:27 - 59.ºF - ID#52932

The votes are in.

One of my three faithful readers thinks I sound like a super-boring, pedantic, self-aggrandizing and basically, obnoxiously patronizing prick on my blog.


Yes, thanks very much mum, for sharing all of that. Your honesty is refreshing.

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Category: i-tech

10/09/10 09:58 - 55.ºF - ID#52923

Classmate Tablet

What I really want is this. The design screams "Education!!" - like no other tablet can.

Plus of course, I want to able to toss the laptop on my desk in moments of frustration and not have to repent later. And how cool is that 180 deg swivel camera?!

So instead of this conversation:

Me: Mum, it's snowing here!
M: Really?
Me: Yeah! Look! *Twist Twist*
{Major twisting, silent cords tangling and..}
Me: Damn! Sorry. Unfortunately I cracked my LCD screen with the power plug. Let's talk later.

I could have this one:

Me: Mum, it's snowing here!
M: Really?
Me: Yeah! Look! *Swivel Swivel*
M: That is lovely! Are you wearing a sweater? I hope you are wearing a muffler. Did you have some tea? Are you eating well ... or anything at all? I can clearly see your bones sticking out.
Looks like you have a cold...
Me: Wait. How can you see all that when you are looking at the snow?
M: Don't change the subject.
Me: Damn! Sorry. The connection is awful. Let's talk later.
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Category: the odes

10/09/10 09:47 - 55.ºF - ID#52922

A little wicked wicket gate.

Completely annoyed with the new wicked wicker wicked gate that has sprung up blocking the small concrete path that leads around the LinNor building.

It was the only way to avoid jumping over or falling into the gaping holes of construction all around the North, N.Pearl and Franklin intersection.

Which means I have one more fence I really want to learn to jump.

And this time it's not even an option. I would rather jump this fence than strategize my way around and across a muddy slushy pit... and possibly fall in. The trouble is I am not sure jumping that fence is going to be easy to begin with, let alone jump with a long coat on or in the rain or snow - when that shortcut path REALLY helped. Damn you. LinNor.

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Category: music

10/09/10 08:40 - 53.ºF - ID#52921


Totally digging Pronobozo's electronic-D&B masterpiece - Hackwave right now!
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Category: the odes

10/09/10 08:20 - 53.ºF - ID#52920


The Japanese have the weirdest obsession with crazy new toy concepts.

Meet Danbos.

Look at the quality of these boxes! Makes that much cooler.

-- Photos belong to Randy Santa-Ana
-- What in the world is a Danbo?
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Category: the odes

10/07/10 09:25 - 57.ºF - ID#52915

Crows on Linwood

A murder of crows is shrouding Linwood right now. image
They are cawing up a frenzy. They have been fluttering around since the afternoon. I wonder if one of the baby crows has fallen out of a nest or if someone has died on the street.

1. Photo from
2. American Crows have a fascinating natural history

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Category: the odes

10/05/10 09:55 - 47.ºF - ID#52904

Baking is sub-cellular alchemy.

Didn't you know?

My building management wants me
to freeze to death.
Can't feel my toes or
the tip of my nose.
My fingers are turning
a lethal shade of whitish-purple.

No. That's not Deep Purple or you know, Annie Lennox. It's just that weird fifth floor tenant in that corner building up the street from (e:PMT) - croaking to the tune of Die Another day. So in celebration of not being frozen already, I just read this on the fresh loaf:

I decided to revive my dormant Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail starter last week, so I had a lot of nice ripe starter by the end of the week on hand that I wanted to use up. I used an excel spreadsheet I made up for Flo's 1-2-3 sourdough to use up any amount of excess ripe sourdough starter, except in this case, I needed to increase the hydration since I was using all whole wheat flour in the final dough, so it became 1-2.25-3 bread (78% hydration final dough). The reason I made this as 90% whole wheat is simply because the excess starter I had was made up of about 25% whole wheat and 75% AP, so even though the final dough is all whole wheat, there is about 10% AP in the overall formula due to the large amount of starter

That is just so very confusing on so many levels. I am going to try and decipher all of this patiently. So Griffith made some kind of a sourdough starter from the yeast he collected from the Oregon trail? Back in 1847? And in 2010, exposure to these mutant yeast made thefreshloaf bloke use Excel for quantum calculations. He has an alter-ego Flo, who is learning to count at the kindergarten - obviously a Frog, by the sound of it. That much is crystal clear, thank you.

That's it. The rest of it is quite clearly in *that* cryptographic code taken from the most superficial crater on Jupiter's 10th moon. I think my fingers are too purple for wikipedia.

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Category: the odes

10/04/10 06:38 - 47.ºF - ID#52897

Dilli heartbroken.

Dilli (better known as Delhi to most) literally means the "City of Hearts". But I doubt if any hearts are beating there this week after months of harassment of the ordinary Dilliwala. Endless construction, trench digging, random curfews, road blockades, military deployment on the streets and the obscene hubris and corruption of a parade of filthy, mean-minded, grubby and sadistically-selfish politicians have managed to wreck the spirit and soul of Dilli - something that centuries of British oppression couldn't even come near to doing.

The government, in its infinite wisdom, has poured more than $7.5 billion into staging this absolutely loathsome spectacle called the Commonwealth Games. And now it wonders why the average Dilliwala isn't buying the overpriced tickets to any of the games after paying out the entire $7.5 billion in super-inflated taxes.

So. $7.5 billion. $7.5 billion!!! Mind boggling. Corruption at various levels of politics made it possible for the venal government to pay out insane amounts of money like the $200 for each roll of toilet paper at the game venues and the $130 for each umbrella over empty seats in the sunlight. The list of excesses goes on till it makes a reasonable person nauseous - well, maybe not the person who actually paid the 40 cents for the TP and pocketed the rest of the $199.60.

This very same government refused to fund family planning and health services for Dilli because it argued that $5/person was clearly too astronomical an amount for something so trivial as healthcare.

I am heartbroken along with the millions in Dilli who are now wondering if they belong in the city at all. It is time for a revolution - rather like the ones the Frogs pulled off. But the question is does anyone have a heart and guts to bell the evil little political monster in Dilli anymore?
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...