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Category: randomo

10/29/07 10:12 - 53ºF - ID#41870


I confess that I have donated a whole $0 dollars to the (e:strip) fund. I also confess that I have actually avoided posting occasionally on (e:strip) because I find myself in shame for not donating.

There are two reasons for this. First of all, my paypal account has grown so much dust over the ages that I am afraid to even attempt to log on. Not that I know my passwords. Also I think I probably owe them money. Who knows?

Secondly because well... I'm just broke. All and out broke. So rather than donate $$ to the fund, I decided that jello shots was a good start... Ah yes... felly loves to turn to vodka when faced with problems... I wonder if I could just send a case of jello shots to Citibank in exchange for the $35k I owe them....? I mean come on... everyone loves jello shots...

Well at any rate - as I have resigned myself to working as many hours OT as I can, plus gained a second job for those remaining hours I have... well i guess sooner or later estrip will be receiving a donation from our way... until then I'll just have to get you all drunk....
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Category: good eats

10/27/07 09:09 - 58ºF - ID#41832


We are bringing a bunch of jello shots tonight to the party - and we were thinking of having a little donation jar next to them. A quarter a shot? a dollar? whatever you want to donate fore each shot - and the money goes right to (E:strip). It would all be suggested donations.

Paul what you think?

Usually I get all fancy with my jello shots - but I've been a bit overworked and underpaid lately and I'm low on funds/time.... You will find a berry shot with little berries floating in them though... thats about as good as i'm getting this time around...

oh and don't forget - tonight is the breakdancing battle! starts at 8 as well... going to be great...
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Category: randomo

10/23/07 11:49 - 49ºF - ID#41772

AC in Peril.

Did anyone else happen to see the CNN special "Planet in Peril" this evening? Its very humbling, sad and angering at the same time. Part 2 is on tomorrow night. If you didn't watch it - i would recommend searching for the reruns and watching it. Especially for those of you who wouldn't mind watching Anderson Cooper running around the amazon in tight shirts. (ahem - (e:james))

My cat just attempted to jump on my yoga ball. needless to say my yoga ball now has a hole in it. grrr

so the halloween party is saturday and it starts at 8. That is also the same night as the october breakdancing battle. I believe that we will end up at the battle for an hour or so and then run home to change and then we will head out to the party later...
speaking of which...

if anybody is interested in going to the battle for a bit before the party - just let me know. it is an amazing time and you will love it.

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Category: work

10/22/07 09:57 - 63ºF - ID#41747

to veggie or not to veggie

This morning while making my lunch for work, I was pondering the fact that most of my coworkers thing that i'm a vegetarian.
If you know me, you know that this is definetely not true. I love meat. Sorry vegetarians, but i am not...

but why do they think i am a vegetarian is so beyond me. Yes i bring salads to work... but what is sprinkled generously across the top of said salad? ham. yes real ham! oink oink!
and when i bring in a wrap or sandwhich? yes i admit... its always on whole wheat bread. and yes, there is usually a generous helping of lettuce, tomato, and avacado on there, but there is also HAM!

i like ham.

and yes i put hummus on my wraps! i know that several of you are unaware of what this stuff even is (quote: "Oh is that the stinky stuff that you smell when you go into Indian restaurants?") no my friend, that is curry. HUMMUS PEOPLE!!

Apparently to my fellow coworkers, if one attempts to eat 'healthy' (not running to mcdonalds/burgerking/arby's/fishfryfridays) every day than i must be a vegetarian.+
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Category: good times

10/21/07 03:59 - 76ºF - ID#41737

lacklusty bills

Buffalo Just won a game.
is it just me or was that win rather lackluster?
i mean everyone was just like... yeah we won, i'm tired lets get a beer...

i mean its the bills... shouldn't they be ecstatic as all hell that they actually didn't biff it in the end?

or am i just being overly pessimistic?
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Category: good times

10/20/07 10:30 - 56ºF - ID#41723


perusing the titles on yahoo news after signing out of my email often leads to interesting news.....
but this morning's tidbit of news was just the cats pjs!


and for all those link clicky persons (such as myself) i'll let you know the big suprise...

dumbledore is gay!

thats right... harry potter's beloved headmaster was a big homo!! ahh yes... the answers to all those pesky questions! the fashionable robes! the mysterious twinkle in his eye! oh dumbledore, i finally get you!!!

oh yeah and that fling with Grindelwald was explained too...

oh and then i just looked at jim's chatter and saw that he already posted this... so t his is a pointless entry... thanks a lot for bein on top of things jim!!
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Category: work

10/15/07 11:23 - 53ºF - ID#41667


Well kids, today I want to talk to you about entitlement.

Take note of the following and very pertinant example that I have taken from my everyday life.

"I have given you guys a lot of money over the years so you better give me a good deal"


"You will give me a car charger for free or that will be a deal breaker"


"What do you mean I can't get that phone for free? I'm entitled to a free phone!"

You see, one thing that I have come to realize over the years as a sales person is that there is this nasty virus going around making people believe that they are entitled to much more than they are. I mean, I may be wrong, but I don't believe that anyone has ever approached the electric company and told them "Hey, I've paid you thousands of dollars over the past few years, so I am entitled to a free month of service!" Who has ever approached Time Warner Cable and requested free cable because of the amount of money they have spent?

It somehow seems to me that people have gotten a bit too big for their britches. About 95 percent of the people who come to me with these demands seem to be middle class white men (and sometimes women). They seem to think that they deserve the world.

They seem to believe that what they are doing when they demand that free car charger or that free phone is 'sticking it to the man.' Really they are just 'sticking it to the underpaid salesperson'

Verizon doesn't suffer from that free accessory. The salesperson's pay check sure does though.

I have sold phones and services and actually lost money on, just to make the customers happy, and they STILL have walked out of the door with the proverbial 'I deserved more" stick up their ass.

Just be nice and I'll be more than happy to help you out as much as I can. I will lose money for you.
That is all.
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Category: good times

10/14/07 11:36 - 53ºF - ID#41638

Do i ski? well ha!

I've been skiing about three times.

Ski trip #1 involved lauren and myself, and our friends Kathi and Kim. Kathi and Lauren being the great skiiers that they are, took off and left me with Kim. Kim is rather awkward and can barely walk without falling over. Somehow Kim and I were left at the bunny slope for two hours while Kathi and Lauren went and played. The damn tow rope seemed to dislocate my shoulder. Kim fell a lot.

Ski trip #2 was the following year. I brought my friend Kat out skiing for her birthday. We both did well and I even made it from the top of the mountain down without falling!

Ski trip #3 involved myself, Lauren and Kathi. the following pictures will tell the tale.
doing great...
yeah i can do this!
nope no i can't...
please take note that i have lost my pole, and apparently a ski. this was how the day went for me.

This post is actually a call for (E:strip) skiiers~! (e:jbeatty), (e:lauren) and i are psyched about skiing this year, and are prepared to set up an (e:strip) ski gathering! whatcha say winter sports fans?

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Category: randomo history

10/13/07 08:21 - 44ºF - ID#41624

a convenient truth

oh look everybody! the vatican secret archives has uncovered a document that shows how the pope WASN"T trying to murder the knights templars! he just wanted them disbanded for the sake of the church.

how very convenient! i bet this cleans up the reputation of the vatican huh?
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Category: good times

10/10/07 11:10 - 51ºF - ID#41584

i missed pizza for THIS?

sorry to miss the fun guys...

in exchange we went to our dance class wherein both lauren and i have managed to put ourself in such an amount of pain that we can't even stand to shower.

i think that i pulled something in my calf. and something directly above my knee. both on the left side. i'm so out of shape.
but we learned some great moves that hopefully when we can walk again we will be able to try and recreate!

we were going to swing by PMT mansion afterwards but we would hav elooked stupid crying and limping.
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