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Category: randomo

11/09/07 09:04 - 39ºF - ID#42053

Private Instigator!

Was anybody out at Marcellas on the night of the (E:strip) Halloween party?

If so - was there anybody who witnessed a larger fella dressed as Timmy (lassie in tow) up on stage doing kareoke with the village people?

If so - does anybody have a picture of it? video? anything?

I am doing a bit of private investigative work for my auntie. Innocent - though.. its a friend of hers and she would love to see a pic of it and chide him mercilessly for it.

Its a friend of hers that she has spoken to on the phone for a few years but never really met.

Oh and he is also going to be out tonight again at Marcellas. If you see a very tall older man - just take his pic. thats all!

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Category: work

11/06/07 09:18 - 38ºF - ID#41999

Snow. Verizon.

yes. snow.

i just received a call from my boss lady in Springville.

Also - I was supposed to have my new phone now. A Samsung u740 with that dual flip thingie. But stupid Verizon is requiring a deposit of $125 from me - due to a verizon landline issue that I had like 7 years ago. (moved out and my 'friends' never paid the last bills)

I am very dissapointed. I am supposed to be able to have Vcast and thus be mobile posting on Estrip all day long!
stupid verizon.

now i have to wait until ican afford the damn deposit.

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Category: good eats

11/05/07 06:55 - 37ºF - ID#41984

random pre coffee thoughts

Haven't been posting lately. No its not you, its me.. you see i've been so busy... i just... well... i haven't had time for you... please don't take it personally... i love you really... i promise i will call...

its 630 am. stupid work meeting.

Yesterday I agreed to work an OT day in Springville. Then I realized it was a homegame. Luckily I only hit a little traffic... I hightailed my ass as fast as I could home though...

Then I made chicken pot pie. Damn tasty!

Then I made banana bread. Damn Tasty!

Now I need to go out and find some sponsors for the next breakdance battle. We have worked out a deal wherein i can work off my class tuition by helping to get sponsors for the battles. Which is pretty damn nifty as I was worried that I wouldn't be able to afford these classes. (I can't afford them - at least till January)

So I'm trying to figure out what places I should go to that would be interested in donating money towards a breakdancing battle -
It seems as though the main themes are: energy drinks, hip clothing stores, anything associated with dance music and anybody who would have any type of interest in providing a wholesome place for the youth to come and play.

So do you all have suggestions? I unfortunately don't know the area still - so I'm at a loss for it all.

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Category: randomo history

10/29/07 10:43 - 53ºF - ID#41875

Astological accuracy?

Last night (e:lauren) and I were watching a (2 hour??) documentary on this new manuscript that suddenly showed up in the Italian National Library in Rome. Amazing how these things just kinda pop up out of nowhere, huh?

So anyway, during the course of this documentary I learned a startling fact....

there are actually 13 astrological constellations! You see, apparently there is a constellation that exists between Scorpio and Sagittarius!

But because the sun only passes through this sign for about 19 days or so, this mysterious 'secret constellation' was dropped from the astrological calendar! Having 13 signs wouldn't be convenient in a 12 month year would it?

The sign is called either 'Ophiuchus' or 'Serpentarius' depending on whether you are Greek or Latin... and was named after Imhotep, an ancient Egyptian who was known for his powers of healing.

THis throws off astrology a LOT. I mean already we have to consider the sun's precession of the equinoxes and we haven't updated the exact dates of our astrological calendar in ages. But apparently if we were to add the 13th astrological sign into our current system, and calculate 'what is our sign' based upon when the sun ACTUALLY passes through that sign, then the following would be the most accurate astrological chart....


So whatcha think about that??

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Category: randomo

10/29/07 10:12 - 53ºF - ID#41870


I confess that I have donated a whole $0 dollars to the (e:strip) fund. I also confess that I have actually avoided posting occasionally on (e:strip) because I find myself in shame for not donating.

There are two reasons for this. First of all, my paypal account has grown so much dust over the ages that I am afraid to even attempt to log on. Not that I know my passwords. Also I think I probably owe them money. Who knows?

Secondly because well... I'm just broke. All and out broke. So rather than donate $$ to the fund, I decided that jello shots was a good start... Ah yes... felly loves to turn to vodka when faced with problems... I wonder if I could just send a case of jello shots to Citibank in exchange for the $35k I owe them....? I mean come on... everyone loves jello shots...

Well at any rate - as I have resigned myself to working as many hours OT as I can, plus gained a second job for those remaining hours I have... well i guess sooner or later estrip will be receiving a donation from our way... until then I'll just have to get you all drunk....
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Category: good eats

10/27/07 09:09 - 58ºF - ID#41832


We are bringing a bunch of jello shots tonight to the party - and we were thinking of having a little donation jar next to them. A quarter a shot? a dollar? whatever you want to donate fore each shot - and the money goes right to (E:strip). It would all be suggested donations.

Paul what you think?

Usually I get all fancy with my jello shots - but I've been a bit overworked and underpaid lately and I'm low on funds/time.... You will find a berry shot with little berries floating in them though... thats about as good as i'm getting this time around...

oh and don't forget - tonight is the breakdancing battle! starts at 8 as well... going to be great...
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Category: randomo

10/23/07 11:49 - 49ºF - ID#41772

AC in Peril.

Did anyone else happen to see the CNN special "Planet in Peril" this evening? Its very humbling, sad and angering at the same time. Part 2 is on tomorrow night. If you didn't watch it - i would recommend searching for the reruns and watching it. Especially for those of you who wouldn't mind watching Anderson Cooper running around the amazon in tight shirts. (ahem - (e:james))

My cat just attempted to jump on my yoga ball. needless to say my yoga ball now has a hole in it. grrr

so the halloween party is saturday and it starts at 8. That is also the same night as the october breakdancing battle. I believe that we will end up at the battle for an hour or so and then run home to change and then we will head out to the party later...
speaking of which...

if anybody is interested in going to the battle for a bit before the party - just let me know. it is an amazing time and you will love it.

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Category: work

10/22/07 09:57 - 63ºF - ID#41747

to veggie or not to veggie

This morning while making my lunch for work, I was pondering the fact that most of my coworkers thing that i'm a vegetarian.
If you know me, you know that this is definetely not true. I love meat. Sorry vegetarians, but i am not...

but why do they think i am a vegetarian is so beyond me. Yes i bring salads to work... but what is sprinkled generously across the top of said salad? ham. yes real ham! oink oink!
and when i bring in a wrap or sandwhich? yes i admit... its always on whole wheat bread. and yes, there is usually a generous helping of lettuce, tomato, and avacado on there, but there is also HAM!

i like ham.

and yes i put hummus on my wraps! i know that several of you are unaware of what this stuff even is (quote: "Oh is that the stinky stuff that you smell when you go into Indian restaurants?") no my friend, that is curry. HUMMUS PEOPLE!!

Apparently to my fellow coworkers, if one attempts to eat 'healthy' (not running to mcdonalds/burgerking/arby's/fishfryfridays) every day than i must be a vegetarian.+
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Category: good times

10/21/07 03:59 - 76ºF - ID#41737

lacklusty bills

Buffalo Just won a game.
is it just me or was that win rather lackluster?
i mean everyone was just like... yeah we won, i'm tired lets get a beer...

i mean its the bills... shouldn't they be ecstatic as all hell that they actually didn't biff it in the end?

or am i just being overly pessimistic?
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Category: good times

10/20/07 10:30 - 56ºF - ID#41723


perusing the titles on yahoo news after signing out of my email often leads to interesting news.....
but this morning's tidbit of news was just the cats pjs!


and for all those link clicky persons (such as myself) i'll let you know the big suprise...

dumbledore is gay!

thats right... harry potter's beloved headmaster was a big homo!! ahh yes... the answers to all those pesky questions! the fashionable robes! the mysterious twinkle in his eye! oh dumbledore, i finally get you!!!

oh yeah and that fling with Grindelwald was explained too...

oh and then i just looked at jim's chatter and saw that he already posted this... so t his is a pointless entry... thanks a lot for bein on top of things jim!!
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