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Category: cats

07/15/08 08:57 - 65ºF - ID#45024

for e:paul

- pictures for sad children

- Z
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Category: work

07/13/08 11:05 - 68ºF - ID#44998

i hate brussels sprouts too

- tinfoilraccoon @ flickr

Just for the record, I worked 64hr in five days last week. Those of you who are not suitably impressed should keep in mind that I am a total slacker and one of the reasons I work from home is so that I can generally get away with working about half that. I don't live to work, I work to live.

The office manager [who can never seem to remember to pay me] asked why I don't work full-time at the office instead. Among other things, I said, when you work 'part-time' you get paid hourly. [It seemed unprofessional to say that I do better work with a kitty on my lap and bangin' tunes on the stereo.]

So when I totalled up my invoice [and it was a lot of money - it would have taken me a month to make that much at my old job] I looked at it and (e:dragonlady7) looked at it and she said Hm! and I said yeah, that's nice but I think I would rather have eaten and slept instead.

The good news is I think I'm done.


The problem with working for such a large client is their ubiquity. I went with (e:dragonlady7) to the Century to forget about life for an hour or two. But while we're eating our wings a baseball game comes on and my client had bought all of the advertising space in both dugouts. Another guy on the project went to Las Vegas last week and one of the first things he saw was an enormous billboard advertising their products.

But my boss has the worst story: so he's on vacation in the country - no cell phone reception, no internet access, no buildings even. He's walking through the woods and he sees one of their products on the ground. He's like no, you're kidding me. Picks it up and sees the logo. KHAAANNN!!!

- Z
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Category: hell yes dogg

07/05/08 05:57 - 78ºF - ID#44872

rock-afire explosion

So ... apparently even though Show-Biz Pizza Place [old school holla!] went out of business, the company that made their robot animal band stuck around. They have at least one complete Rock-Afire Explosion in stock that they've dusted off so that the founder and a new choreographer can take requests - HELL YES.

The documentary is coming out this fall. See you at the theater.

- Z

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Category: bleh

06/27/08 07:31 - 73ºF - ID#44805

fuuck thiis shiit

I've sort of dropped out of posting on (e:strip) but reading it keeps me going. (e:tinypliny) I have read a couple of your transient chatter-rants and I think perhaps you're cracked.

I'm putting in serious overtime on a project that's due Monday but needs at least another week. The people upstream were two weeks late getting us what we needed, so it's a moral victory that we've managed to gain a week on the deadline. But it's rough being the anchor on a relay race - the other guys aren't the ones who have to cross the finish line last.

[Z: nobody cares. Can you at least put in a funny somewhere? Thanks. -ed.]

I (gave notice to|asked permission from) my (client|boss) that I was taking some me-time after we're all done with this. I know it makes me a total wuss but this is some seriously intense shit I've been doing and I need another break already.

Either that or I'll go to the next open mic night down at Stimulance and start reading selections from the Adobe PDF Specification Anthology 1.7 while a beret'd buddy jams out on the bongos. (e:tinypliny) and (e:james) I don't know what the fuck you're doing but here's my entry in the Batshit Translated Poetry Contest. Funny, I didn't realize Adobe was deploying the National Guard to Acrobat 8 in order to protect the economic situation.

PDF is sufficient, and that trend xobject more graphics (including the achievement of the objectives, articles, photographs and see an example). May Xobject often in the form of wages - is more than a few pages of all these elements on the page - if you want to do with the same results, so far the only country at this time, and pictures. This is a typical representative of the definition of 'hands to protect the economic situation is very popular, The National Guard and the most popular activities to enhance the color. As a result, reusing memory xobject.

- Z

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Category: weather

06/16/08 07:11 - 73ºF - ID#44671

look what god did to us man

Tequila & pomegranate with hail. [Two icecubes from the freezer and one from Upstairs.]


- Z
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Category: dang

06/03/08 10:12 - 62ºF - ID#44535

food for thought

We have not had a president with facial hair in 100 years. The last president with a moustache was William Howard Taft [1909]. The last president with a beard was Benjamin Harrison [1889]. The last president with sideburns [muttonchops] was Chester A Arthur [1881].

- Z

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Category: computers

05/25/08 04:30 - 70ºF - ID#44448


I've got an original MacBook [2GHz Core Duo, 1GB RAM, 80GB HD (20GB free)]. If I upgrade the RAM to 2GB and the drive to 120GB, would that be sufficient to run Fusion + Vista?

Also, Latvian music is crap [see below].

- Z

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Category: music

05/25/08 01:42 - 65ºF - ID#44445


Every once in a while some weird fucker will ask me about Latvian culture. And I sort of look at my shoes and mumble something about vodka because the truth is so much more depressing

- Z
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Category: food

05/24/08 10:05 - 56ºF - ID#44437

$1000000 idea

The graduated butter dish. Think about it:

You go to make yourself some toast in the morning, but the butter dish is empty. You take a stick of butter out of the box. Perhaps you notice the clever lines on the wrapper that tell you how much stick is in a tablespoon before you take it off and throw it away.

Lunchtime rolls around and you're making mac & cheese. You look at the box: '2 tablespoons butter.' You look at the full stick of butter in the dish, and think back to the wrapper which is now in the garbage and covered with coffee grounds. You dismiss thoughts of using a tablespoon measure. You're about to wing it until you start thinking about it Too Much: would that be cube-shaped or slightly smaller? You have another wrapped stick of butter, but you know if you cut it open it'll taste like fridge before you use it again.

The Zobarware Graduated Butter Dish: It has lines on it.

- Z
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Category: misc

05/16/08 05:01 - 62ºF - ID#44368

burly naked men singing

I've written off the possibility of doing anything useful this afternoon. I've been 100% on this one project that was due Thursday and so, since everyone was strictly ordered to get out my grille this week, I have no other work lined up. The server was down all Wednesday, so the sysadmin moved the site over to another host, which in turn went down all Thursday morning. This is the project which had to be done using a PHP/Linux solution rather than the standard homebrew .net thing they usually use, due to the specifications of the client's sysadmin. They chose Drupal, which strikes terror into the hearts of men much braver than I, and the whole project turned into six weeks of trying to get it to not suck so hard. This is the same sysadmin who, at 3pm today, told us he was quitting effective next Friday.

When the going gets tough, the tough get naked. But since I'm a digital person I'll just link you to this video of the Austrian rugby team instead. They had much larger problems than I, having just found themselves on the spiky end of a 48-point shutout by Lithuania. So here they are in Vilnius city center:


(e:chico,44363) contends that the TiTS lineup sucks this year, so I guess I won't feel bad about not wanting to stuff myself into Lafayette Sq with a hojillion other people. Indigenous, the opener on 4 Sept, is an exceptional blues band, so give them a listen [46.9MB, AAC]. We once roadtripped to Erie PA to see them play at some crappy dive bar, and it was well worth the drive.

Here's another math design I did a little while ago in Photoshop, just a real classy muted houndstooth. It blew my mind when I discovered that houndstooth wasn't a doodle, but rather a plaid made up of diagonal stripes that coincidentally made a doodle at the intersections [which is also why it's slightly asymmetric]. Stare into the plaid...


This is my current desktop pattern. Not because I especially like the pattern, but because I hate desktop patterns and this one's easier to ignore than it is to pay attention to. I first tried the traditional black & white houndstooth for about four seconds before my eyeballs popped out of my head.

- Z
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