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Category: sims

10/13/07 11:03 - 48ºF - ID#41625

The Seduction of Joey Johnson

I'm too the point in my career as a medical surgeon that I can't progress without some support from a spouse. So I set aside a day to seduce my long time boyfriend Joey Johnson.

I was a little bit nervous when I invited him over as I had been dabbling in a relationship with Drew Ludwig. But all was forgiven with a passionate kiss at the door:

We started out with some light conversation.
He likes cloudy Days

Oh, good! I like rainy days...this might work!

I can't propose to him on an empty stomach so I whipped up a turkey dinner for the two of us:

I like sailboats

Oh, shoot, not Joey. He hates sailboats, they don't pollute enough!

Oh, yeah, well, um, I like cars...they pollute a lot!

Moving onto pinball. I need to show Joey that living herw is full of pinball fun!

I sneak downstairs to change into a little special something to move in for the kill!

I nervously chatter about clothing accessories to relieve the tension of the moment.

Okay, time to test the waters with an intimate hug.

Good, good... moving in for a fiery kiss...oh, no a setback!

Shoot, I'm committed now. Suck it up and propose!

No, no! I did everything right...why doesn't he love me???
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10/11/07 11:35 - 52ºF - ID#41606

Plant Lamp

The most fucking awesome lamp in the in MY house.
It's a plant lamp. The lamp rod is inside of a large plastic basin that holds lots of soil into which three cute little house plants are planted.

Hold onto your seats, this is the exciting part.....

To turn the lamp on and off, you don't use a typical on and off lamp switch. Oh, no my friends. You gently touch one of the leaves of the plant to turn it on and again to turn it off!

Science is an awesome thing!
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Category: family

10/11/07 09:08 - 49ºF - ID#41589

Divorce and the Holidays

As many of you have read on this blog, my parents are in the process of divorcing. Yesterday was their first court hearing. Although I haven't heard the outcome, I'm pretty sure that by Thanksgiving or Christmas, the parents will not be sharing the same roof anymore. So I will be transitioning into that weird situation of how to handle the holidays. I think they'll both be living in the same town, so that will help. I'll be in IL with them for Thanksgiving and doing Xmas here in Buffalo. My plan for Xmas is to invite everyone (brother and both parents and grandmother) in the family to celebrate here and let them decide who wants to come.

Any advice from those with experience in juggling divorced parents and holidays?
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Category: sims

10/09/07 10:48 - 63ºF - ID#41567

Sims Update

My sim was in a bit of a rut.
Work, study, work socialize, work, study, work, socialize.

So she treated herself to a pool now that she makes the big bucks as a specialist:
Yeah, I look that good in a bikini in real life too.

She also acquired a lover to shake things up:

It's just a matter of time before she seduces Joey Johnson into marriage.

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10/07/07 02:09 - 65ºF - ID#41534

The parable of the Greedy Sim...

... in the Gospel of Janelle

Drew wanted the good life right away and bought a big mansion with no money to fill it....


He had no money left to buy a smoke detector or buy books to learn how to cook, so....


Despite his best efforts...


But greed has now led to....


Now, Janelle who started modestly, studied hard, and saved her money, is living the big life....


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Category: sims

10/06/07 04:59 - 78ºF - ID#41521

The Sims

I've had some time on my hand so I've reinstalled the ole Sims game. I take pride in starting from scratch and not using the money cheat code.

Here's my modest new dwellings:


And here I am:


I'm in the medical career and I just got a promotion to intern. It's been hard to do all the socializing and studying I need to be a resident.

Not much interesting now, but I have three potential boyfriends lined up that I'm courting. More on that later, peeps....

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Category: television

10/04/07 07:46 - 75ºF - ID#41496

Gotta give props to....

America's Next Top Model.


I started watching it out of curiousity. Why was this a competition? Don't you just take a tall, pretty woman and take pictures and voila, she's a model?

It turns out that it takes some serious skills to be a high fashion model. You really have to be in tune with your body and comfortable with your body. You have to engage in the scenario. You have to express the designers purpose behind the outfit, but do it with your style. You're bringing your personality to the photograph, so you need to know who you are and be confident in it. You have to be willing to go outside of your personal comfort zone and trying something new that might make you feel scared or vulnerable.

The other cool thing about Top Model is that Tyra in the past few seasons has emphasized having plus sized models. Now, I have to admit, the plus sized contestants on the show don't seem very plus sized to me, but it's still a positive step forward for an industry where people starve themselves for years to stay the right size. Oh, and there's also a contestant on the show right now with Asperger's syndrome which is way cool.

There have been plenty of women on the show who appear to me to be unattractive or average attractiveness, or have acne or have cellulite and you see them transformed into this blemish free product. So you see that they aren't naturally the way they appear in the photographs. I think it helps chip away at the idea that women could look like these models if they just exercise more or diet more or get liposuction or whatever because these models don't naturally look the way they do in photographs. You understand that it's an image and not a reality. They get there with make up people; hair people and wardrobe people.

All that being said, there is still plenty to critique the modeling industry on and plenty that concerns me, but it's still been a pleasant surprise that the show has challenged my views on what modeling is and who a model is.

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Category: gordon ramsey

10/03/07 09:43 - 66ºF - ID#41482

Gordon Ramsey's Tip of the Day.....

"Don't point at the customers. We're running a restaurant, not a fucking zoo"

  • screamed in a cockney accent*
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Category: sex

09/22/07 08:40 - 69ºF - ID#41257

The three S's




what a great night
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Category: wo rk

09/21/07 02:58 - 81ºF - ID#41235

Janitor for the day

My supervisor wanted me to go out with one of the client work crews to their place of employment and actually work side by side with the clients to get a better feel for the work the clients do.

I didn't really feel it was necessary. I'm not sure that I needed to clean toilets and sinks at a warehouse factory with my clients in order to understand it. I've cleaned plenty of toilets at home. I get how it works.

But, I'm a compliant employee and so I went out with the crew that cleans at a warehouse. I spent two hours cleaning sinks, toilets and urinals. I had the lovely experience of scrubbing the urine off the walls around the urinal. Sometimes up to a foot or more away from the urinal. How does that happen? Are they just flicking their stuff around when they pee with no regard to the urinal?

It was also my first experience with Maxims and Penthouses in the workplace. There was a stack of them in the various mens bathrooms. Now, I haven't been in many men's bathrooms, so maybe I'm naive and I don't realize that Maxim and porn is standard fare for mens bathrooms. I always figured that those magazines fell into the category of "Things that are inappropriate to bring to work from home".

All was well at the end though when the young woman I was working with turned to me with a grin and informed that I was a "hard worker".
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