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Category: hassled by the man

04/11/07 12:03 - ID#38845

some fuckin' people

This dude just tried passing me in the oncoming-traffic lane of Kenmore Ave. After he realized what an idiotic idea that was, at the next red light he got out of his car to yell at me. The light turned green as he was getting out of the car, and I was a block away before he managed to get back in and get his car back in drive.

Next red light I was not so lucky. Homeboy comes charging out of his car and starts slamming on my side window. Reassuring words from the passenger side: 'he's wearing a police badge...' Fine, I roll down the window. Homeboy starts howling about everything under the moon but I think all I did was give him a blank stare. Light turns green and he books down Kenmore 50mph.

Instant poll: DWI off-duty cop with a Napoleon complex? Or a flabby ex-gay-costume-stripper bitter about his long-past glory days?

- Z
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