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Category: drunkeness

03/01/06 07:19 - ID#37272

more-di gras

So it looks like somebody made an ass of himself at the Century last night. Note to self: one should always take care to be on the proper side of the camera.

While we were there, I had an interesting discussion with the guy next to me at the bar. He was talking to the bartender about old movies, so I stuck my nose in where it doesn't belong and said, here's a trivia question: what was Hitler's favorite movie? And then the bartender said, you know, I got into a political discussion with this guy the other day about welfare, and he started quoting Hitler's opinions on eugenics to me, and I said, Jesus, what the Hell is this?

At this point, the other guy said, 'you know, aside from killing six million Jews, Hitler had some pretty good...'

I had to cut him off before he said something foolish. I said to the bartender, you know, you gotta be careful of the people who come up to you and say, yeah, I know Hitler killed six million Jews, and that's no good, but to his credit he did kill two million Poles.

The point of this story being: I'm not going to sit here and tell you that every word out of Hitler's mouth was completely and utterly wrong - I mean, even a stopped clock is right twice a day - but for God's sakes, you should really be able to find somebody better to use to back up your opinion.

At any rate, I've got a column coming out tomorrow and you should vote in our annual popularity contest as well. Two pints to the first person who actually mails a grilled cheese sandwich to my office.

- Z

I have decided that I don't care if people know where I work, but I'm still not directly mentioning it because I don't want to get any search traffic anywhere I don't expect it.
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