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Category: ennui

03/02/07 01:50 - 40ºF - ID#22599

i'm not hurt

So this morning I had a little bit of an accident in my poor car. Some guy had decided that he needed to turn left immediately, which happened to place his passenger side door directly inside my engine compartment. Once two objects occupy the same space at the same time, well ... that's when the insurance companies get involved. I can only hope that in his haste he was able to get to his extremely important job on time, because I know I didn't make it in to work until 11:30. I find it extremely unlikely, however, because while I left the scene in a tow truck, he left in an ambulance.

At any rate, I'm not hurt - a little overwhelmed, but not hurt. The tow truck guy and the receptionist at the collision shop were both very nice to me and answered all my stupid questions ... the receptionist even drove me to the rental car agency to hook me up with a loaner.

Looking at the car makes me sad, because over the course of 76000 miles I've formed a weird sort of bond with the thing, it's a great car, and even after having its tiny front end smashed in it still somehow ran like the day I bought it. If by some miracle it's not totalled I'd like to get it fixed up real nice. If it is totalled ... well shit, I hear Volkswagen is making Rabbits again.

Fuck, man. I just don't want to have to deal with all this paperwork and decisions and shit.

- Z

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