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Category: {dodo}

10/01/10 12:25 - ID#52865

Good Luck, Rahm Emmanuel!

So, farewell then, Rahm Emmanuel,
No more, lighting the White House fuel,
Spent this past weekend in DC's hot spell
Didn't realize it was your last, as well


Keith's mum, who is quite taken with you
Tells me you have the whole of Chicago to woo
I have also heard that it's pretty windy
So, no more worries about politics of Rawalpindi?

NB: {Pardon me, my dear17.5 year old. }

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Category: {dodo}

12/24/08 06:04 - ID#47175

Rahmboid Overdose.


And I admit. A bit nauseating. Ugh.
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Category: {dodo}

12/10/08 07:48 - ID#47019


Okay, I can't help posting these two Rahmboid gems.

The first one was posted by (e:drew) in the chat:

The second one was posted by (e:james) in the chat:

Thank you (e:drew) and (e:james)! These totally made my day! :D
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11/19/08 01:14 - ID#46751

Rahm Emanuel - Positively Aware {Or Not}

Due to the enormous amount of pubmed whoring I do on a daily basis, I have a search engine plugin for Pubmed in my Firefox quick search bar. I accidentally searched for today's quota of Rahmbonics in Pubmed. Lo and Behold, he has an indexed publication!!!

Emanuel R. Politics and HIV: statement from Representative Rahm Emanuel (IL-5). Posit Aware. 2006 Jul-Aug;17(4):49.

Of course, I simply had to go and hunt the full-text version down.


I learned about some new Rahmbonics for my D.iary O.f D.aily O.bsession, {DODO}.

Did you know that:
-- Rahmbo supports the Ryan White CARE act that funds treatment for AIDS patients when no other resources are available. (Among 402 others in the Congress).

-- He voted for the AIDS assistance bill (H.R. 1298, the U.S. Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act)

Critical Note: Though the global funding aspect is great, the Anti-Prostitution pledge in this bill is despicable and counter-productive. As a medical professional, I think this sort of a reactionary approach to AIDS prevention and control will get us NOWHERE in our fight against HIV. In my dictionary, people who drafted this pledge are prime examples of what the terms "moronic" and "insular" actually mean. Two thumbs down to Bush and other crazies who heads are firmly under six feet of religious fanatic hard-packed dirt on this issue. Emanuel talks about the funding aspect of this bill in the Posit. Aware publication but not about the anti-prostitution pledge. I am dissatisfied over this glaring omission.

-- He voted to pass H.Con.Res.30, a bill supporting the goals and ideals of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

-- Co-sponsored:
H.R. 3859, the Early Treatment for HIV Act (ETHA),
H.R. 4792, the New United States Global HIV Prevention Strategy to Address the Needs of Women and Girls Act of 2004
H.R. 1409, the Assistance for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children in Developing Countries Act of 2005
H.R. 1413, the Women and Children in Crisis and Conflict Protection Act of 2005.

On the whole, that's an excellent record against HIV except for the one major blemish-by-association -- the Anti-Prostitution pledge. I wish I knew how Rahmbonics stand on this issue. Till then, I can't believe the title of this blog without reserve.
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Category: {dodo}

11/17/08 11:00 - ID#46728

While Rome burned...


  • YES. I am obsessed with this bloke. Apologies to all you 3 readers. You are unfortunately going to get a disproportionate amount of Emanuel on this channel, now that I have this insane urge to news-stalk for Rahmbonics. Consider yourself warned. :)

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Category: {dodo}

11/14/08 07:05 - ID#46693

Rahm Emanuel {His finger, to be precise}

I admit it. This man is immensely entertaining!

He once said {on the subject of losing his right middle finger}:


Of all the fingers to lose! I could not express myself for months. I had to learn to talk with my left hand.

Stephen Colbert latched on to this missing finger and what follows is a hysterical blackmail begging for a position at the White House.

::Download Flash Video::

Oh, and that finger is not just Colbert's favourite. Obama takes a jab at it as well... among a handful of other Rahmbonics.

Has he ever flashed that stubby little thing at you? It's appalling

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11/06/08 08:04 - ID#46578

Mr. Super-Colourful

-- He once sent a 2.5 feet long dead rotting fish to a pollster whom he disliked.


-- He is a classically trained ballet dancer.


-- His brother is a Hollywood agent and he has had movies made about him.


-- His other brother is the head of bioethics unit at the NIH and an oncologist.


-- He once stabbed a steak knife through the table to make a point.


Meet Rahm Emanuel. He is the future chief-of-staff of Obama's White House Team!


Whoever said only Palin could make SNL's life easy??!! Exciting times ahead for the Republicans. LOL :D
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