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02/21/09 03:32 - 33ºF - ID#47851

Another WBC post

I mentioned the whole Fred Phelps thing on a forum where I post and I received this interesting response from a person who lives in Topeka, which is either the hometown for the church or really near it.

The woman who posted is from a fairly conservative church and even they got picketed once according to her.

You guys, in all honesty it is best to just ignore Fred Phelps and his gang as they can't be reasoned with. They will stand there and argue until they are blue in the face, they are so brainwashed. We use to live in Topeka, Ks. and you learn pretty quickly to either ignore them or act civil with time they tried to pickett our church because a college associated with our denomination was supposedly too liberal and supported Gays ... some of our deacons went outside and invited them to come in and join our church service and it was so funny they immediately left ... anger doesn't get anywhere, but kindness burns them.

What really burns them is to ignore them though, they do all this for public attention and if you don't give them any public acknowledgement they will feel slighted

They have to go other places now, because they don't get the rise in Topeka like they use to be able to...the more places ignore them, the sooner they will start to fade into the woodwork of the local looney bin.

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01/24/09 01:25 - 11ºF - ID#47510

Buffalo Stampedes

Drew and I are going to see our new Professional Basketball League team, the Buffalo Stampedes, if anyone wants to meet us there.

They are playing at the Koessler Center tonight at 7pm. We will get there around 6:30pm to 6:45pm.

General admission is only $7. Give a shout out if you're interested.
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01/20/09 01:18 - 15ºF - ID#47462

I'm a 5 year old

I was in the cafeteria at work watching the Inauguration on the television they had set up for staff and clients to watch.

I felt a hand grasp my hair and give it a good tug to get my attention. Naturally, I assumed it was a developmentally disabled consumer, so I put my stern face on. The face that says, don't F-ing pull my hair, because it's not polite.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was my supervisor who pulled on my hair. It's just too funny. My supervisor is tugging on my hair like I'm a 5 year old.
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01/17/09 03:05 - 10ºF - ID#47429

Mama, don't let your babies grow up...

to be Pastors

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01/17/09 10:25 - 4ºF - ID#47428

Sims 2 World

My husband who knows the way to my heart bought me The Sims
2 Seasons. In this version it snows! And you can grow plants in a greenhouse!

I'm still figuring out how to post the pictures on here so I can share my SIMS stories.

My current SIM story is probably too sad to share. Priya and Rami Ramaswami were working their way up the career ladder. They felt settled in enough for a child, but work kept them busy so they couldn't provide the necessary care for their child Emmy. They forgot to arrange a nanny to take care of the child while they were at work. So social services were called and Emmy was removed.

It was really devastating to their relationship and Priya started flirting with other men. Rami got angry and they were never able to reconcile despite Priya's best efforts. So Priya asked Rami to leave.

She lost half their friends in the divorce, but kept the house, so she set about finding new friends. An unfortunate misstep was made when she flirted with Mr. Roth in front of the entire Roth family. Mrs. Roth attacked her. And now the daughter randomly strolls by the house and steals newspapers and knocks over the trash can.

Priya's personal troubles have bled into work where she's been demoted from fact checker to blog writer. No one in the SIMS neighborhood will return her calls. She's socially isolated and spends her days gardening in her green house. It's all very tragic.
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01/12/09 09:34 - 22ºF - ID#47386

Weekend Update

Friday night we saw the Dark Knight. A number of people raved about Heath Ledger's performance of the Joker. I remained uncertain because I disliked Batman Begins and Christian Bale as Batman. But Heather Ledger as Joker was incredible. The slithering, sucking noise he made when he droned on in crazy talk was reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter's cannibal noises. I expected Joker to bite someone's nose off and the tension kept me on the edge of my seat. His sloppy make up and hair dye matched the character really well whereas Nicholson's Joker was a little too well put together.

Saturday night we went to some art/music event in Allentown that Drew wanted to attend. Upon entering the location, I quickly assessed that the event was primarily a college party with high school students pleased with themselves for being at a college party. We quickly retreated to Allentown Hardware.

Over the weekend I cooked a feast of food. On Saturday I made a Vietnamese chicken lemongrass curry. Sunday was a cooking marathon. Vietnamese garlicky roasted chicken filled the air with good scents. Tea Eggs - hard boiled eggs with their shells cracked and then cooked further in tea and soy sauce. The finished product is a brown stained shell with a marbled white and brown inside that has a light tea taste and salty flavor. Savory and delicious when consumed while warm. Then I made a fava bean and pasta soup. The fava beans soaked up the rich flavor of chicken stock, olive oil, and oregano. It was light and delicate the first day. The second day the beans were slightly mashed and it was a thick hearty texture. Wish I had a camera for the pics because it was probably one of the prettier soups I ever made.

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01/07/09 08:23 - 90ºF - ID#47325

Buffalo Basketball

Anyone interested in seeing the Buffalo Stampedes - The Premier Basketball League - at the Koessler Center on Saturday, January 24th at 7pm ???

$7 for general admission going up to $24 for courtside tickets.

I definitely would like to go and it would be fun to go with a crowd of people.
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01/07/09 09:38 - 34ºF - ID#47316


Drew and I have been avoiding the inevitable for too long. We need a dentist.

Any recommendations?
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01/06/09 09:32 - 17ºF - ID#47304

Job Openings

The FBI is hiring for 2100 support positions in a wide variety of areas ... financial/accounting/human resources/administrative/the whole range of physical and social sciences/counselors/computer science, etc... In addition they're hiring for 850 FBI officers.

I'm not clear on how many of the positions are available in field offices, but surely the local field office is fairly large. Anyway, here's the link if you're interested. Must apply by January 16th.

I think I'm going to go for it!

Go to:
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12/31/08 01:55 - 16ºF - ID#47229

Grocery Shopping

My dad had a surprise visit to the hospital over the holidays resulting in abdominal surgery due to an infected something or other that needed to be removed.

I'm home to help out as the all purpose go-and-fetch girl. Today I grocery shopped for my dad. He should be set to go for the next 2-3 weeks. A good thing considering he can only move around the house for three hours before crashing on the couch.

I went to the old familiar Jewels-Osco and wandered around muttering under my breath about the strange set up of the store and cursing at the ridiculously high prices for basic food items. The fun part of the trip was introducing new items to my father's meal plan. Organic fair trade coffee, frozen white pizza, and vodka pasta sauce were snuck into a cart full of traditional stand by foods.

For years my father simply ate whatever my mom put in front of him. Mostly bland food since my mother has no taste for spices and seasonings. Now's my chance to slowly reform my dad's dietary habits. Not for any real reason but for the fun of it. It's the ultimate challenge. Can I take a meat and potato man and turn him into an Indian Vegetarian Food man?

Clearly the fact that white pizza and vodka sauce for pasta is a new thing for him means I have a long road to go!
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