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Category: yay

04/29/09 03:27 - ID#48535

useless shit. free!

BUSTED LAWNMOWER L@@K Engine kinda works. Side discharge, no handle. $0

DISHWASHER CATASTROPHE, runs. Summer fun for the kids. Outdoor use only. $0

KIDDIE POOL OF MYSTERY. Be a super sleuth and find out if it leaks. Buy DISHWASHER CATASTROPHE and KIDDIE POOL OF MYSTERY together and save $0.

GET A WORKOUT this summer. Lawn spreader, high-traction tires won't turn. $0

LEAD PAINT - scare your friends and neighbors. Like new! $0

LAWN ORNAMENT, plush cow. Slightly mouse-poo'd. $0

50-GALLON DRUM SALE, one day only. Take the drum, get all the shit inside it FREE! No substitutions.

Ask about our VINTAGE TURPENTINE. By app't only.

Get it before it's gone, probably first thing tomorrow morning, at
40 Hartford Ave. 14223

- Z
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