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Category: wrestling

04/13/08 12:55 - ID#43999

the sports report

So basically amateur pro wrestling is fun as hell. I had a blast but I think I ended up rooting for the wrong people most of the time. We had to leave early for a party, but we stayed long enough to see (e:dragonlady7)'s former coworker Pepper Parks - who had some really good moves and knew how to work the crowd - get smacked around by 'Mastiff' Will Christensen, who mostly glowered and blew his nose on people. There were a couple really lopsided matches in the first half ... I was totally impressed by Gabe Saint but he lost to Stargazer, who as far as I can tell spent his entire time in the ring getting pounded. Dunn & Marcos were pretty evenly matched with Rhythm & Booze, but R&B's dirty tricks were totally lame, and Marcos had these weird Miami-teal pants which I could not abide. I think R&B won, but D&M's ring girl [?], whose name I did not catch, and who is way foxy, totally stole the show. After R&B brought her into the ring by her hair [i mean seriously come on people] she took a flying leap off D&M's shoulders and took them both out. Somebody get her number, she's derby material.

There were some improvised halftime theatrics wherein Blackjack [I'm not sure whether he's Good or Bad but he's a totally nice guy out of the ring] vowed to "manage" the Suicidal Saucies at the next QCRG bout and Colonel Johnny Kayfabe "took over" the Nickel City Knockouts - SEE YOU MAY THIRD NORTH TONAWANDA!!! - but later on Blackjack sort of said yeah um I don't actually know anything about roller derby and the Knockouts said that's ok we're not even playing on the third.

NWA Empire - their next match is on June 21.

- Z

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