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Category: sturm und drang

03/04/06 12:44 - ID#37274

raindrops/roses, whiskers/kittens

I am very annoyed right now, because a certain person from a certain organization is angry at me, because this organization was not personally invited to attend an event that I helped organize this past week. But really, if I saturate two major cities and all their suburbs with almost 3/4 million advertisements for an event over a course of 2 1/2 months, and you don't even call to say hi ... whose fault is it that you have no f#cking clue?

It is clearly not mine, but I am nevertheless very annoyed, so I present you with these happy thoughts.

Despite all this sturm und drang, I had a wonderful evening. Went to Ulrich's Tavern (MAP TO: 674%20ELLICOTT%20ST) for a most excellent fish fry. No beer batter on this one; it was breaded and comparatively light-tasting. If you ask nice, they'll serve it with their potato pancakes, which looked phenomenal. Will have to try that later.

Stumbled upon tickets to see Juno and the Paycock on opening night at the ICTC. Tragedy is not my thing, but I liked it. Very intense.

And finally, I found this scrap of paper in the pocket of the coat I wore on Mardi Gras. Apparently Allentown looks like a spotted doggie - but only if you're drunk and bored.


- Z
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