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Category: the odes

03/30/12 12:50 - ID#56298

Mega Lottery?

I don't read the regular news too often. My narrow tracking feeds pretty much target and scrape what I want from the news (mostly research, linux, android and grocery news). When I do hit the google news page once in a bluemoon, I am always trying to catch up on the last n-months worth of craziness. I often stop when I reach around 1 hour worth of news (around 3 articles). And then I don't read for the next n-months before the cycle repeats.

The blue moon rose today and I happened to glance at the top headline. A lottery. Seriously, a lottery of 640 bazillion dollars. That is top national and international news. Specifically, all the different ways you could spend the 640 bazillions that you have a whole 1:zillion odds of winning.

I say, this is an exemplary example of the human spirit and hope. Imagine buying a $1 ticket and hoping you can beat the 1:zillion odds. Fascinating. Maybe I should get a ticket too and join everyone else. The thing is does anyone know where I can get one within a 1/2 mile radius. Does Walgreens sell lottery tickets?

Ooh, (e:Paul) just told me - the nearest gas station. Hmm.. need to go on Google maps to find the nearest one. Maybe this is a hint that the tickets are not really targeting my demographic if I am having so much trouble just figuring out how to get them. Nevermind the question of what I will do with the money.

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Category: the odes

03/22/12 10:30 - ID#56265


Taking a break... Severe times are ahead.
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Category: the odes

03/17/12 09:39 - ID#56238

Apology is policy

How could I have ever forgotten this?? I completely went over the line this past week. I could have done with a dose of calmness. :/

And of course

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Category: the odes

03/11/12 01:00 - ID#56202

You are guessing...

TP's drawing
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Category: the odes

03/09/12 10:11 - ID#56193

Random annoyances.

My hair is very long now. And my stress levels are at an all time high. The combination is a bad one.

There is hair everywhere. In the bathtub, on the floor, inside the keyboard, everywhere! Strange little hair creatures live in corners of my flat. It's so aggravating. I really don't have time to clean now or recycle. So my flat looks abysmal and weird. The omnipresent hair makes it worse. It's like my head has transformed into a human cat/shedding machine. I reckon I must be losing at least 200-300 strands a day.

And I seem to have entered a joyless cooking phase where I just make things as fast as I can so that I can gobble them up and get back to work. On top of it, my tea consumption has gone up to nearly 30 cups a day. I am not so concerned about drinking so much tea (it's mostly water and some milk). The main problem is I am out of my favourite teas (tetley and harrod's) because I just kind of burned through my stash. I don't have the time or inclination to go to the Indian store so I am stuck with my less-liked teas.

I am finding out that I really hate Chamomile tea. Worst pathetic tea in the world.

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Category: the odes

02/24/12 09:02 - ID#56128


I used to hate that actress who is all teeth.. but not anymore. Tarsem has done it again. Made me want to actually see this movie.

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Category: the odes

02/24/12 08:44 - ID#56127

The cherry tree in 3D gory?

Seriously, what?!

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Category: the odes

02/24/12 03:04 - ID#56118

Weird business names

And in the category of weird business names, I got this email today:

"Price Protector is now Eyeona"


Like in a wild hyena laugh? What does bargain-hunting have in common with hyenas? Is that supposed to be a riddle? I know I can follow the links on that email and read the back-story and all that in the time it has taken me to write this out here. But really, first impressions are the worst and the most fun.
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Category: the odes

02/15/12 11:30 - ID#56064

So little time. So much to read

I have to read around 500+ PDFs in the next few weeks or so. I absolutely hate printing on paper and accumulating physical stacks. It inevitably ends in lost notes, lost pages, and lost time.

Reading on the computer screen is nice and all, but I want to be able to interact with the pages like I would with paper. I have a Nexus S and a Nexus One, but the screens are too tiny. I am thinking 10" reading area or more would be a far better idea.

Guess it's time for a tablet. A big generously-size Android tablet. (Apple is out of question). Strongly leaning towards the Le Pan II.
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Category: the odes

02/10/12 05:01 - ID#56044

For Matthew.


From Other sizes:
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