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Category: android

03/30/12 06:35 - ID#56300

ICS upgrading

Cute... and so alien.


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Category: android

02/18/12 07:52 - ID#56082

The useful Android app list

In addition to the default apps that came with the Nexus one phone, I have the following additional ones installed:.
  1. estrip
  2. ezPDF Reader
  3. File Expert
  4. GNotes
  5. Opera Mobile
  6. Pomodroido
  7. Maildroid
  8. Quickoffice
  9. Wifi file transfer

Out of that list, I see these as apps with a ton of access and with the potential for troublemaking
  • Wifi file transfer
Storage (modify/delete SD card contents)
Network communication: full internet access, view network state, view Wi-Fi state
  • Maildroid
Your location (coarse- network-based location, fine GPS location
Your personal information: read contact data, read sensitive log data
Storage (modify/delete SD card contents)
Network communication: full internet access, view network state,
Phone calls: read phone state and identity
System tools: prevent phone from sleeping, automatically start at boot
Hardware controls: control vibrator

MAN! that is a hell of a lot of permissions. But this app is SO useful because it keeps me updated about my work email - a paleolithic MS Exchange server 2007 based system

I think these came with the phone. I don't use them and want them out. Someday, I will root this phone and chuck them out.
  1. Amazon MP3
  2. Car Home
  3. Facebook
  4. Goggles
  5. Magic Smoke wallpapers
  6. Music Visualization Wallpaper
  7. Twitter

Huh? What do these even do?
  1. HTC Radio Info
  2. KickBack
  3. Google Backup transport
  4. Google One time Init
  5. Google Partner Setup
  6. Pico TTS
  7. SoundBack
  8. TalkBack
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