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06/25/08 07:25 - 58ºF - ID#44779

Crackberries, Earlybirds and Attack vids

Training yesterday Morning (my day off) on data devices on the Verizon Network. I believe that it has forced me into being interested in a data device. I think I want a blackberry. or should I say a crackberry? Sigh.... DAMMIT. I think I really do. Seriously. But I have to wait till September before I'm going to be eligible for a ten month upgrade. stttuuuupid.

But speaking of yesterday mornings training, I was complaining that I had to be up at 6 am on my day off. I dislike this morning stuff. This morning it was 630. Tomorrow? 530. Friday? 5. Sat? 7. Phew for Sat! Can't wait to sleep in man. BOOOOO!

BUt of course this is all so that i have about ten minutes of procrastination in the morning that I can attempt to read/post estrip.

or to post video of Ralphie and MAxx playing.

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06/23/08 10:22 - 67ºF - ID#44757


George Carlin died!

Holy poo!

I guess he was getting up there though....
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06/20/08 08:00 - 57ºF - ID#44725

Short and sticky

ok i was going to post photos of ralphie for (e:jenks) but once again, i have run out of time...

Got my liscence renewal form in the mail. Apparently I need to go get my eyes checked. Or go stand in line at the DMV. Anyone here an optometrist? I'll buy you a drink if you sign my little paper!!! haha

work has been horrid lately.

Also, I need to start working on a business plan. SERIOUSLY need to work on my plan for life. I'm starting today. Seriously.
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06/18/08 07:25 - 51ºF - ID#44699

rollercoaster of love

was that my only opportunity to see LC? I have an aweful feeling it was. daaammmitt!

Home was great. Visited the ol parential units. They loved Ralphie. My mom claims to dislike dogs greatly, but she had him up on the couch and was all up in his face talkin to him like he was a baby. It was really cute/twilight zone-ish.

and now its back to the doldrums of work.

I need to spice up my life... but i wonder if that means I need to watch the spice girls movie.....
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06/13/08 08:18 - 76ºF - ID#44636

post again

okay i have to toss on a second post because i forgot about yesterdays greatest feast ever...

i made a sandwich at work yesterday that had my eyes rolling back into my head with happy.

Rice and beans leftover from dinner on bread covered with half of an avacado and chedder cheese. THATS IT!

Threw the whole works on the George Foreman at work (our newest work addition) and OH it was wonderful! who knew?

okay thats it.
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06/13/08 07:22 - 69ºF - ID#44635

i can't spell sometimes

yesterday at work our T9 went out and we lost all communication. As in no phones/internet/etc. BAD news. We were in the middle of a hailstorm of customer service related issues.

THe thing is... when you try to dial customer service from a cell phone you are immediately routed to somebody who will care for YOUR cell phone. And sice we all have employee plans, its going to go to the employee department. Which always has a 15 minute wait to get to somebody. Yeah yesterday was hell....

Today after my 930-7 shift in springville, I am stoppin by the house to pick up (e:lauren) and Ralphie, and driving up to the Thousand Islands to visit my family. Good times!

tomorrow is the yardwide yardsale up in Clayton, and then Sunday we are celebrating my dad's 60th birthday (the day before yesterday) and fathers day, and my nephew's birthday (last week).... good times!

and that is all that is in my world. peace out bitches.
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06/11/08 06:53 - 60ºF - ID#44611

another title.

Note to self,

when inflicted with second degree burns across shoulders from raging gay sun, do not assume aloe is always going to be your savior. Example. Do not apply aloe liberally, then cover with shirt.

When you go visit your gram and she knows you have a sunburn, she will try to examine it. When she does so, you will note that the shirt has now dried to your skin and is attached. She will break the bond in such a way that your eyeballs will fall out of your head.

ow. ow. ow. bitches.
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06/09/08 09:44 - 79ºF - ID#44600

this is a title

apparently, planning to spend the day in the beer tent at Buffalo Pride is not an appropriate substitute for sunscreen. My shoulders are so sunburnt that I'm bubbling. and not with happiness.

pride was great otherwise. the pride parade went by the house and all the people on the float gushed and cooed over ralphie. figures.

my shoulders hurt soooo bad. stupd stupid me
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06/06/08 07:36 - 72ºF - ID#44561

for Tiny

Ok, as an answer to (e:tinypliny) 's post...

This is more like what we try to do on Wednesday nights...

For me right now its more of a fun way of exercising. You should check it out...
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06/05/08 10:54 - 72ºF - ID#44552

Planting seeds of disaster

my world is simple and yet frustrating at times. This is a story of how i made the attempt to transform my black and shriveled thumb into a lovely spring green.

we went and got a tomato and pepper plant for our balcony. Oh hell yeah we are going to have a fruity balcony!

Maxx ate my damn pepper plant. Bastard. So there was still a leaf left, the stalk mostly bare and charlie brown christmas-like.

but our houseplants are dying like crazy... what the hell is wrong with them? we t hink they are pot bound so we head out to home depot for some bigger pots. god i love home depot, but then i am a big lesbian aren't i?

'bigger pots' turned into flowers, a railing box, and some bigger pots.
because, well you know.. the lesbian thing...

and of course we find out that our medium light box was actually getting too much light because we were putting them outside to be nice! We were actually burning our plants like orchids in the sahara! silly us.

now our balcony is beautiful and our shrivelled and burnt up houseplants are inside, rehabilitating. we have our pepper plant (the remnants) and a flower pot up on the table out of maxx's reach. Or so we think. Because of course while taking the dog out last night we look up to see Maxx happily gnoshing on the flowers. Sitting on the table. NOOO!!! we yell, but of course he ignores us till I storm up the steps and chase him around the house. The little bastard chewed the only leaf on my pepper plant. And of course the flower leaves.

So moral of the story, short of a shotgun/arsonic/concrete shoe swim, any ideas on getting this damn cat to stop eating my damn plants??

oh and on a side note, Maxx is happily boxing the shit out of Ralphie right now. I THINK they are playing.... I see no claws after all...
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