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01/29/06 04:59 - 44ºF - ID#21385

Mystical blue powers?

Went out last nite and had a really good time. I actually had visitors, well a visitor at my place last nite., My buddy Rudy stopped by and we pregamed before going out. See no one every comes by, and its not like my place is not comfortable or that you can't hang out. Everyone just ends up going other places i guess. it was cool none the less. After that we venture down into Long Beach and bounced around a few places. Ended up at the Inn of course and ran into Kerri. It was actually really good seeing her. We talked and just basically smiled uncontrollably at one another. The kind of smile that hurts. nothing was resolved or anything, but she does want to talk, go to dinner. Today is a great day. just a smile can really change ones attitude. I also ran into an old friend who works in this bank, Astoria Federal, a big bank down here who wants me to come in and give her my resume. So hopefully this will be the beginning of a positive upswing. Work, and everything else. Maybe it was that blue piece of beach glass? It is like a four leaf clover they say. It would be nice. There are so many things I want to accomplish, get done, take care of. Being in a positive mind set really helps.

I was checking out the war of religion in the posts. I agree that healthy debate is important. unfortunately religion and politics are topics that always come under the gun, and no one is ever swayed it seems to the other side. For example i posted something a while back concerning my "liberalism" there are many topics i am liberal leaning. There are also many topics i am conservative on. As mentioned in the previous post (a while back) i think that is the best course for people to take. Deciding issues across the board, or voting party lines does not allow one to make use of their intelligence and good judgement. Abortion and war are very touchy subjects, as well as religion and politics, but to say that one school of thought or the other has the answers, or is best equipped to provide answers is a stretch. War is an ugly thing. Unfortunately wars happen. It is because humans lack the ability to live peacefully for extedended periods of time. There are various factors that lead to war, greed, jealousy, extreme vews, all of which are faults of being human. Our intelligence and reason are what we are to use to avoid such calamities. As seen with the earthquakes in asia, the tsunami, and the hurricanes in the gulf this year, we have all we can do to survive the wrath of mother nature. Now i am a realist. war is going to happen, but it has to be after healthy debate, all facts being rock solid, and the consent of a people. of course not everyone is going to agree but that is the beauty of our country, you can disagree. Abortion, well I don't like it. HOWEVER, i do feel it should be legal. Now abortion should not be used as a means of birth control, but in order to keep women from going to illegal clinics, or doctors performing unhealthy, unsafe procedures, it needs to be protected under the law. Every individual who is directly effected by this issue, has to decide and live with the consequences of such and act. who's right is it to legislate people's private lives, when the personal suffering by either outcome has to be endured for a lifetime. I believe in the sanctity of life, and i feel that in itself is involved with the whole god question. wow i really went off there. a lot of it is disjointed because i am watching this movie the Jack Bull on HBO, John Cusack is in it. its really good. I think i am going to start trying to take more pics and post more. maybe this week while it is nice i will go to the beach and take some pics around long beach show you all where i live. I mean i know where all of you are, well not really. but you know what i mean.
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01/28/06 06:59 - 41ºF - ID#21384

here are the pics!

the blue piece is right next to the green one.





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01/28/06 06:41 - 41ºF - ID#21383

a day at the January!

those were the pics from today's excursion. it was 50 degrees here and i got up early this morning probably because i didn't go out an punish my body last nite. i think tonite might make up for it. though i would like to get up early again tomorrow and go walk the east end of long beach. i found a BLUE piece of beach glass today. i am going to take a pic of my beach treasures and post them for you all to see. i wish that i could take pics of what i see as iam driving. i mean if i had one of those fancy cam corders, they have a feature like that. getting to Robert Moses State park, you drive out the ocean park way which is between the ocean and the great south bay. you have a great view of jones beach, as well as the jones beach ampitheater. It is a really beautiful drive. had the sunroof open flying down the parkway jammin to lowest of the low. nothing better. after that i went to saloon to have lunch. a battered fish sandwich and a pint of bass. it was all in all a great day.

the pics are above peeps

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01/28/06 06:08 - 41ºF - ID#21382

today's adventure




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01/28/06 01:54 - 39ºF - ID#21381


all this talk of religion lately sparked by ejtower's post on atheism is cool. Today saw a show on the history channel and it was from the bible to the battlefield. it basically explained how the bible's accounts of battle's can be decoded and really make sense. I believe in god, but more in a sense of a spirtual energy that ties all of us, nature surrounding us, together. a being or something that is a higher ideal. a morality. i do feel that intrinsically we have a battle between good and evil in us all. different circumstances either make us stronger, or weaker in this fight to maintain the decency that we should live are lives with. It all ties in with idea's on liberty and philosophy and the like.
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01/27/06 10:06 - 22ºF - ID#21380

a bookmark in time

so yesterday i went to do laundry and i was having trouble finding my book to read. well i wanted to get to the laundromat and get it done because i had a date last nite, so had to have clean jeans (not like i don't normally have clean jeans) i got to the laundromat and put my colours in and my whites in, and the lady who works there got my attention and asked me if this book that she was holding was mine. i was really excited, more so because i was getting my bookmark back that i was looking for feverishly all week. see this bookmark is a very important possesion. It started out as the beginning of a short story i had an the idea to write. it was more prose than anything. well for some reason or another i decided to fold up the paper in 4's, and begin using it as a bookmark. well while i would be reading, any reference to another author, book, poetry, anything that would be mentioned that seemed worth reading, especially classics, i would write down on this newly transformed bookmark. i had written a few poems, and on one occasion i was home a few summers ago, and sitting outside at bullfeathers, an ex girlfriend and i had written some erotic haiku back and forth on it. it was a simple piece of paper, and it is quite odd, but i a really annoyed that it is gone. what makes it worse, was i asked the woman attendant if she had found the paper with the book. now in doing this, in no way was i accusing her of turning through the book, or taking the bookmark out and looking at it. my point was that while another attendant may have moved the book out of the way behind the counter and it could have fallen out, and would she please just take a look around behing the counter, on the shelves and in the drawers and the few file keeping folders and binders. well she gave me attitude and not once did i raise my voice or get aggresive. i was very....understanding, very calm. i explained to her the significance of the bookmark, and what was on it. it was odd, because normally i have a good relationship with this woman. i mean i don't know her name but we are friendly, small talk, i hold the door for her when she is taking laundry out to peoples cars, stuff like that. but then again, this was the same woman who had no sympathy for my roomate when this couple went through his laundry and stole new jeans, boxer briefs (yeah someone stole guys underware, fucked up) she said that she saw nothing. well the laundromat is not that big. i fucking hate laundromats. well my date was nice last nite. met out for a couple drinks at this bar effin groovin. they have a ton of cool beers on tap, and in the bottle. stuff that really packs a walop. like 12% alcohol. well i had two of the lightest beers there called effin lite, and melissa had two diet coke and malibu. the converstaion was not bad, it would ebb and flow, which was kind of rough at times, because it seemed like the responsibility of reviving the convo was placed squarely on my shoulders. she is a really nice girl, and not nice in the oh thats not gonna work nice. she has beautiful dark eyes, and dark hair. i have trouble not looking at her lips while she talks, because they are just aching to be kissed. i was sitting there trying to figure out what they would taste like, and i figured it was something berryish, because when she would talk, her breath would come out and i thought the scent was the lip gloss. the date went about 3 hours, and it really didn't seem like it was that long, it flew by which is a good thing i think. i guess my problem is that she does not seem that enthusiastic. but she keeps calling and persuing. or it could be that i am in that place right now where i can't get my antenna to pick up the signals. the date ended with a hug and the call me i had a good time, we have to do this again. then when we were on the high way i was sitting at a left turn and she went bye beeped and waved. we shall see.
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01/24/06 05:57 - 33ºF - ID#21379

the message that floated up on the beach

went to the beach today for a walk, its' still nice out down here and on my walk i found a message stuck in a wine bottle. seriously i did. it was really quite exciting. it took awhile for me to get the damned thing out though. i broke the cork off, and then pushed the rest of it in with my car key. the problem was getting the messages out of the bottle would really require me to break it. i walked up the beach to the board walk, and tried to whack it against one of the concrete piers. the problem was i didn't want to draw a lot of attention with the sound of breaking glass. then i found this piece of a bolt or something, layed the bottle in the sand and then hit the neck of the bottle. it broke easily and then pulled out the messages. well the excitement kind of ended then because the messages were really not that great. one of the pieces of paper had an address on it, and according to that the notes originated in Mahopac, which is up along the hudson river well north of the city. so now i am wondering if that is really where the bottle was thrown in. i mean i wouldnt think the currents would deposit the bottle on Long Beach, but rather on the Jersey Shore. The other piece of paper had rambling on it that i can only assume were written while the bottle of wine was being drank. i might send a letter to the address on the one piece of paper, not sure. i think saturday i am going to take a trip to sag harbour or shelter island. I would like to go to some beach that i have not been to yet. it is supposed to be 50 hear this weekend, even after the bad weather we are expecting on wednesday and thursday. john steinbeck lived in sag habour so maybe he has a house out there i can check out while i am out there. i am going to try and take pictures of the notes and then load them up for you all to see.
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01/23/06 08:29 - 34ºF - ID#21378

from the coat pockets of aliens

vapour trails
criss crossing twilight

i walk the moon
at ocean's edge
among debris dropped
from the coat pocket's of aliens

trying as i might to
pour my love, my heart, my affection
into her from such great heights.

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01/23/06 08:12 - 34ºF - ID#21377

run in's with ex's and the law

I was just watching Shop Girl when the dvd went bad. How dissapointing. Though i guess i had it coming, i bought 2 bootleg dvd's in brooklyn the other day when i went with calvin to collect rent from his tenants. They were only 5 bucks each, so i guess that is what you get when you pay 5 dollars for a dvd. everything became green blocks. you could see shilouettes, but they were covered in green flouescent blocks. oh well. it was one hell of a weekend i must say. a lot going on. friday afternoon i went for a long friday nite went out in long beach with one of my buddies from my last job in the city. we had a good time, and then from there i just bounce around long beach. saturday i was going to go for a walk on the beach again, but the weather was starting to turn. my freinds brian and megan called me up and i met them out at the Whale's tail and we ate lots of seafood and drank beers. then around dinner we decided to order Thai food and take it to there house. i had never eaten thai food before. i was really looking forward to it as there was a new resturaunt in long beach and it was really nice inside. while we waited for our food we decided to sit and just check the place out. relaly cool. we ordered three dishes and just shared. a chicken dish, a shrimp dish, and then a beef curry dish. well i am not a fan of curry. the smell, the taste. and how it hurt my stomach later on that evening, oh god. the other two dishes were great though. i will definately try Thai food again. well after dinner we sat down and put in the U2 dvd and all of us passed out. i woke up around 5 am, and drove home, only to find out that i didn't have my house keys! Sunday i went to the Inn with aaron, (my roomate) and his ex ex girlfriend. we were having a grand time, when in walked her ex boyfriend and his wife. about an hour later, kerri walked in with her friend craig. holy awkward batman. it was one hell of a nite. has anyone read that this group in New Hampshire is trying to petition to have justice souter's house taken in the name of eminant domain? i think it is great. now i understand that justices are given life terms for their protection and ours essentially. however it seems that their rulings have little to no effect on themselves directly. this is one way to show that they too are not above the law and should think twice before they make a ruling. now i understand there are situations where progress could be furthered by someone being dislocated. however. for a strip mall as in the case in where was it new london? these people had no chance. it just seems that greed is what is driving everything. and even our laws seem suseptible to the scourge. i hope this is a wake up call for our justices.
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01/21/06 10:47 - 35ºF - ID#21376

Irish mist is very persuasive, really!

went to the saloon last nite and ended up in an interesting conversation with this old guy about music. apparently, according to scott (the old guy's name, though i don't think scott is a good name for an old guy) all of the best muscians who died in the 60's and 70's died at 27. thats what he said. so , who was i to argue when shots of irsih mist were being bought for myself, and my friend meghan. really though irish mist can be very persuasive. saw my friend buffalo kim last nite also. the reason for calling her buffalo kim, is first off she is from b-lo, second i know about 4 kims who all live in long beach so that is how we dfferentiate who is who. buffalo kim is great. we go to McFaddens to watch bills games. it is are in this bar and everyone there is a bills fan, thsy play the shout song, have buffalo wings, labatts and molson on tap, beef on kimilwick (sp) and then you look out the windows and you see manhattan. its funny i have been missing home a lot lately, especially reading everyone's posts, and seeing how people from estrip are connecting and becoming friends. it is great. just wish i could be part of that. seriously though irsih mist is very persuasive. boogied down last nite, yup, sure did. damn mist
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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...