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06/30/05 08:00 - 87ºF - ID#21344

Show me the money

Well the calls are rolling in now. people wantin me to come interview. yeah bitches i knew it would happen soon. timing couldn't have been better. a new job to start the summer with, hopefully a lot of cash in my pocket to have fun with. delicious. talked to haikuster yesterday, well texted actually. it was good hearing from her. talked about our 4th of july plans. she will be watching the firecrackers over the pacific, and i will be watching them over the atlantic. my head is all over the place, as you can probably guess from the past few entries. my girlfirend and i broke up. it sucks, especially because i am going to run into her most of the time when i am in LOng Beach. its not a big place, and everyone knows everyone and their business. but hopefully if i get this job in manhattan, i will be able to spend more time in the city. its an IT Recruiter position. something i know nothing about, but i have an advantage, the woman who did my interview is from Rochester, and she saw that i went to school there at St John Fisher, and the guy i am meeting with next wednesday went to school in good ole B-Lo. People who went to school upstate just love meeting other people from upstate. it really is a sort of magical place. hahaha.
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06/28/05 11:53 - 79ºF - ID#21343

eye on the prize

never really thought the depth of "Keep your eyes on the road" until just now,
listening to Bob seger, and washing the the salt down with some of the silver bullet. i actually had looked away from the road, the place that has been like a blanket, while i have not traveled it the way i want in any stretch of the imagination, the idea of it is comforting. its calling me. as we approach our birthday as a nation, we are a people of the road, a nation of car fanatics, fast food junkies, thrill seekers. no old world stuffiness here. fuck that shit. move move move move m-o-v-e speed. a nation of nomads we used to be. its capitalism, its materialism that mucks our feet to the continent in our own little slice of heaven. we've given up bankruptcy protection, something that used to be a hallmark of our nation. you fuck up, you can start over. well the greedy men who rule the world, no one has taken the win outta their sails dave. you listen you will understand
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06/28/05 10:40 - 80ºF - ID#21342


how much for a pound of flesh
the vendors did ask
how much for a pound of your heart
your lover did ask

you know you smile when you sleep?
rolling over, waking up, before you
every morn,
seeing your face, your lips, your smile
hearing your breath when you would roll
over onto my chest
your breast pressed against mine
wet from the shower in you robe, soft
against your cool clean skin
thanking the winds, the sun, the waters
thanking god for bringing you and
i together
walking to work,
happy in the morning,
knowing everything was alright
you were inside of me,
i was inside of you
the little boy in me
the little girl in you
laughter, loving
im going to miss your nitetime smiles
im going to miss your kisses
the little squeak you make when i squeeze you tight
th laught that follows
hearing you complain about what to wear
while i watch the weather
the way you would turn you head
while we danced
i, knowing everyone watching,green
wishing they had what we had
seeing your eyes,
loving your eyes, your smile
god your smile.

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06/22/05 08:13 - ID#21341

take this job and shove it

told my boss the other day to fuck off. yep, it was great, well not really considering now i am scrambling for a job. it did feel good, but the initial rush wore off at happy hour. it was a job that was going now where to begin with, but i was trying to get interviews so i was not left flat. the only interviews i managed to get were lousy marketing schemes. not jobs, but schemes. pyramid type mothership shit. yeah i really don't think that stuff should be put in the classifieds. its really a bummer to job searchers all over. you send out your resume, accompanied most times with a gut wrenching cover letter, and you get to the interview and the guy does not even have the damn resume on the table, just wants to talk about the GREAT opportunity before me where i can make thousands of dollars, if and only if i bring on 10 other "sales reps" He presents his "success story" smelling of drakkar, brute, or polo and cigarettes. Always has a big raspy your friend in a bar voice, and warm sweaty hands. Handing you a business card for Smith Inc. International TelecomEnterprises.
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06/22/05 06:00 - ID#21340

thunderstorm warnings

the only thing to fear?
someone once said was itself.
believe in what you, yourself
know as truth in the seed of your

do not deny the flesh,
it is flush with the emotions of
the heart
breathing in the passion of the sun
high in summer's skies
licking cool dew of nite times

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06/22/05 05:49 - ID#21339


confidence in future miracles
only if roots take hold in these dunes
the ocean and the winds conspire against me
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