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jet lag

London is amazing. I loved it. The only reason I was looking forward to coming home was to see friends. I was alone for a lot of the trip, and while it was cool, it definately had its downside. Now however, I am experiencing something that I have not felt since going away to college. Ok dirt bags. Get your minds out of the Does anyone remember the feeling they had coming home to see friends and family if they went away to school? It could have happened at any point during your first 4 semesters, freshman and sophmore year. When you realized that you had changed, or had begun to change. A sort of new realization, or view of the world was taking shape in that previously sheltered noggin. Well I think I'm experiencing this right now. See that was my first trip abroad. I've been to P.R. , Canada, but that doesn't count. I've been planning my next trip, and granted it probably, well it won't happen until next spring (at least one like that) but I'm still thinking about it. I also feel as though my focus is changing. Not sure how, or to where, but it just feels that way. I'm having trouble concentrating on things. My mind has a wanderlust of its own now, and seems to be demanding I acknowledge and do something about it. That's not a bad thing, but on the flip side things I seemed content with, are beginning to not sit so "contently" as they did once before. I don't know maybe I'm being absurd, but one of my good friends told me a trip like that will change you...I'm wondering if he was right.
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