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01/26/07 01:13 - 5ºF - ID#37873

the painted veil

went to see the movie the painted veil tonite with edward norton and naomi watts. loved it. it was a great movie. story was a good one, kind of predicatble, but the shots were beautiful. there is this small theatre in malverne, two towns over, and it was funny because it was an older crowd that was at the theatre. i was actually on a date, kind of second one, and we were the only two in the theatre for our movie. it was kind of funny. for those who don't know anything about the movie, its about a dr. and his wife and how they take care of a village during a cholera epidimc in 1925 china, and how t affects their relationship. great great movie. go see it. 2 hours, but they fly by. so yeah the date was cool. first date was drinks and watching a band and then hangin with her cousin and his friends. all very nice people. one is actually a producer for spike tv. very interesting fellow. collects the japanese rabbits that smoke. odd, but really smart. he actually one a cable ace award while working at mtv. pretty cool. plus his house is interesting, what he has in it and how it is decorated. well the girl is 32, ooooh an older woman. ha. a nurse, who can prescribe meds peeps. haha. really though. shes nice, and we had a good time. im not sure that i am really up for anything extremely serious right now. really just finalized all that stuff with kerri. we had a long discussion, and she said there is no option for us working. it hurt, and i don't believe that she does not have feelings for me, but i am tired of her games. fuck it. so now i just move forward. i have to concentrate on work because of the new position, and having fun. i am also moving a few towns over, in with my buddy's brother. i will be in a nice big house, and be able to put money away. a win win situation. then hopefully after a year i will be able to move back down to LB. i mean i will only be 10 min away, instead of the 5, but that really is a big difference after 6 years. yeah so fun, and work, work and fun. and i would like to seriously start applying myself to my writing. a lot of things have become clearer over the past 5-6 months. really. but then again a lot is still cloudy, eh such is life. well thats it right now. not a lot to report, well really yes. im just tired and going to bed.
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Category: technical problems

01/23/07 01:08 - 23ºF - ID#37830

what did i do wrong?

i obviously made some kind of mistake uploading these photos. any suggestions??
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01/23/07 01:07 - 23ºF - ID#37829

68 degrees in january

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Category: poetry

01/12/07 08:00 - 47ºF - ID#37665

the stinging

ok so im biased,
but maybe the reason so
many stories, the ones on broadway,
on the silver screens of hollywoodland,
on the pages of of the heart bound with string
take place in this beautiful, dirty place called new york.

it reminds me of a tangerine,
while working with cement, steel, rocks
and nails.
out in the cold, my hands cracked and bleeding,
stained and dirty
sitting with some guys i know,
i work with,
i sit at the bar with.
after eating our sandwichs, reclined on a
bucket upside down, boots crossed way out front, however
far away my legs are long.
another guy sits, indian style.
one paces nervously and the chatter is brief,
scores of games from the nite before.
talk of childish antics in the firehouse, at the bar,
in the sharehouse.
someone has a bag of tangerines.
'want one'?
it was the brightest thing on that job site.
orange, fresh, alive.
we were caked with mortar, saw dust, oil from sawing, drilling steel
I beams up in the sky.
backs stiffining up in the cold wind.
the tangerine was sweet, full of juice.
biting into the meat, the sweet juices run between my
fingers, htting the cracks.
the stinging.
the sting from that sweet flavour, amongst all of
the dirt, grime.
that was progress, the dirt, the grime, the broken backs
i think you
can figure what the tangerine was.
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01/06/07 09:36 - 42ºF - ID#37561

dog running, dog walkin' dogs saying hi

so it was a beautiful day today. well i have to admit, it was nice. more than that it was an amazing day. i walked the beach and was actually sweating. it hit 72 degrees down here today. thats not good. we are going to definately pay for that. did anyone else see the article about the very large piece of ice shelf that broke off in northern canada in mid to late august. its odd that the article (well at least what i have seen of it) just came out in the times science section now. that along with the fact that the FDA has felt it a good idea to approve genetically cloned livestock safe for the food supply. wow, i never usually chime in with "science talk" funny really,when i was younger i was a little science freak in a way. had the chem set and made hydrochloric acid, i loved astronomy, had the telescope that i save lawn mowing money to but from the smithsonian air and space catalog. i am sure no one else saw this special on cnn on christmas morning (only because it started i think at 4, or 5. not quite sure because i woke up to it) about the inevitable energy crisis following a terrorist attack in november of '09, a hurricane larger in magnitude than katrina hitting the gulf and completely wiping out our refining capablities. well enough of this. it was really beautiful out today. a lot of surfing, beach volleyball, frisbeeing, dog running, dog walking, dogs saying hello in that all to familiar way. its really a good thing that we do not great one another in the same fashion. it would be very awkward. i have some pics that i took with the new digital cam i got for christmas. its really cool. love it. only there are so many little bells an whistles that i have to learn to use to get the most out of the camera. good news on the job front. got a promotion of sorts. things are going really well there.
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01/03/07 01:22 - 33ºF - ID#37522

a cherry blossom blizzard

it is the heart of an empire,
though not of a conquering kind.
but one that goes forth, layed bare upon the rocks,
to embrace any willing to open their arms.
with the beauty of a cherry blossom blizzard on april's
going out into the india of my mind,
i see the power of belief, of faith, we have.
of faith in goodwill, and brotherhood.
though the darkness tries to blot out
the sun of hope, the stars of love,
they cannot be extinquished.
there is a hunger for affection, creation,
beauty, trembling intimacy.
it is with these, in our shirt pockets,
we drive forward, yearn to run 'cross fields of
sun and dandilions,
to climb the cragged ice covered summits of the earth,
and swim the desert sands ancient kings.
it is the empire of the heart,
poured out to run through your fingers, drip down
upon your knees.

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