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01/06/07 09:36 - ID#37561

dog running, dog walkin' dogs saying hi

so it was a beautiful day today. well i have to admit, it was nice. more than that it was an amazing day. i walked the beach and was actually sweating. it hit 72 degrees down here today. thats not good. we are going to definately pay for that. did anyone else see the article about the very large piece of ice shelf that broke off in northern canada in mid to late august. its odd that the article (well at least what i have seen of it) just came out in the times science section now. that along with the fact that the FDA has felt it a good idea to approve genetically cloned livestock safe for the food supply. wow, i never usually chime in with "science talk" funny really,when i was younger i was a little science freak in a way. had the chem set and made hydrochloric acid, i loved astronomy, had the telescope that i save lawn mowing money to but from the smithsonian air and space catalog. i am sure no one else saw this special on cnn on christmas morning (only because it started i think at 4, or 5. not quite sure because i woke up to it) about the inevitable energy crisis following a terrorist attack in november of '09, a hurricane larger in magnitude than katrina hitting the gulf and completely wiping out our refining capablities. well enough of this. it was really beautiful out today. a lot of surfing, beach volleyball, frisbeeing, dog running, dog walking, dogs saying hello in that all to familiar way. its really a good thing that we do not great one another in the same fashion. it would be very awkward. i have some pics that i took with the new digital cam i got for christmas. its really cool. love it. only there are so many little bells an whistles that i have to learn to use to get the most out of the camera. good news on the job front. got a promotion of sorts. things are going really well there.
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