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Category: poetry

01/23/06 08:29 - 34ºF - ID#21378

from the coat pockets of aliens

vapour trails
criss crossing twilight

i walk the moon
at ocean's edge
among debris dropped
from the coat pocket's of aliens

trying as i might to
pour my love, my heart, my affection
into her from such great heights.

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01/23/06 08:12 - 34ºF - ID#21377

run in's with ex's and the law

I was just watching Shop Girl when the dvd went bad. How dissapointing. Though i guess i had it coming, i bought 2 bootleg dvd's in brooklyn the other day when i went with calvin to collect rent from his tenants. They were only 5 bucks each, so i guess that is what you get when you pay 5 dollars for a dvd. everything became green blocks. you could see shilouettes, but they were covered in green flouescent blocks. oh well. it was one hell of a weekend i must say. a lot going on. friday afternoon i went for a long friday nite went out in long beach with one of my buddies from my last job in the city. we had a good time, and then from there i just bounce around long beach. saturday i was going to go for a walk on the beach again, but the weather was starting to turn. my freinds brian and megan called me up and i met them out at the Whale's tail and we ate lots of seafood and drank beers. then around dinner we decided to order Thai food and take it to there house. i had never eaten thai food before. i was really looking forward to it as there was a new resturaunt in long beach and it was really nice inside. while we waited for our food we decided to sit and just check the place out. relaly cool. we ordered three dishes and just shared. a chicken dish, a shrimp dish, and then a beef curry dish. well i am not a fan of curry. the smell, the taste. and how it hurt my stomach later on that evening, oh god. the other two dishes were great though. i will definately try Thai food again. well after dinner we sat down and put in the U2 dvd and all of us passed out. i woke up around 5 am, and drove home, only to find out that i didn't have my house keys! Sunday i went to the Inn with aaron, (my roomate) and his ex ex girlfriend. we were having a grand time, when in walked her ex boyfriend and his wife. about an hour later, kerri walked in with her friend craig. holy awkward batman. it was one hell of a nite. has anyone read that this group in New Hampshire is trying to petition to have justice souter's house taken in the name of eminant domain? i think it is great. now i understand that justices are given life terms for their protection and ours essentially. however it seems that their rulings have little to no effect on themselves directly. this is one way to show that they too are not above the law and should think twice before they make a ruling. now i understand there are situations where progress could be furthered by someone being dislocated. however. for a strip mall as in the case in where was it new london? these people had no chance. it just seems that greed is what is driving everything. and even our laws seem suseptible to the scourge. i hope this is a wake up call for our justices.
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01/21/06 10:47 - 35ºF - ID#21376

Irish mist is very persuasive, really!

went to the saloon last nite and ended up in an interesting conversation with this old guy about music. apparently, according to scott (the old guy's name, though i don't think scott is a good name for an old guy) all of the best muscians who died in the 60's and 70's died at 27. thats what he said. so , who was i to argue when shots of irsih mist were being bought for myself, and my friend meghan. really though irish mist can be very persuasive. saw my friend buffalo kim last nite also. the reason for calling her buffalo kim, is first off she is from b-lo, second i know about 4 kims who all live in long beach so that is how we dfferentiate who is who. buffalo kim is great. we go to McFaddens to watch bills games. it is are in this bar and everyone there is a bills fan, thsy play the shout song, have buffalo wings, labatts and molson on tap, beef on kimilwick (sp) and then you look out the windows and you see manhattan. its funny i have been missing home a lot lately, especially reading everyone's posts, and seeing how people from estrip are connecting and becoming friends. it is great. just wish i could be part of that. seriously though irsih mist is very persuasive. boogied down last nite, yup, sure did. damn mist
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01/20/06 08:20 - 44ºF - ID#21375

frosted glass and friends of old

YEAH!!! finally resolved my internet problems.....well actually my friend down the hall helped me out. he know's computer stuff. how bad did that just sound. Hey i tried to build a network for my roomate and myself, just was not very good at it. i think i right clicked a few to many times. anyways it is working and i am happy about that. how about this weather!!!! went to the beach today and walked and walked and walked, and picked up 6 good pieces of beach glass. it is amazing what washes up from the ocean. huge pieces of wood, thick rope, plastics, bottles, lighters, MANY MANY lighters. there was a lot more glass, but none of it was "beach glass" in case you are wondering what makes it beach glass, the glass has a frosted look to it, and the edges are softened from the salt, sand and the crashing waves. yeah i walked for a few hours listening to the Garden State soundtrack. seriously love that. i can just listen to it front to back, top to bottom, over and over again. it was great being on the beach today. i was so happy. it is strange how you can be missing someone, and still be very happy at the same time. i was walking down indiana towards the ocean, and i looked down oceanview ln, and saw kerri and her roomate outside. kept on walking though.i emailed her last week and said that i would like to take her to dinner. i was suprised that i got no respones. though i did say that i would call her. ahh.. got a call last nite from an old friend that i have not spoke with in oh....probably a year and a half. my friend kat and i got to know one another when i lived above her on richmond ave with my then girlfriend. kat and kim lived below us and they went to school with kristen at dyouville. so naturally i became close with them and when they graduated, kim stayed in buffalo with her boyfriend (and my friend) josh, and kat and kristen went back to long island. we all stayed very close, and kept in touch. i was working at bullfeathers before i moved to long island and when i got down here, kat and i remained friends, and everything was fine. well issues arose and kristen and kim fell out of friendship. kim moved here and then got married to josh. Well Kat was kim's maid of honour. now most people give that to someone very close to them, it is a position that means something in a person's life experience. or at least thats the way i see it. everntually for what ever reason, kim and kat fell out of favour with one another. i tried to keep the two of them talking, by saying that their friendship was important, and all friendships evolve, but to work on it. well that didn't happen. kim would try to reach kat, and her attempts were not returned. kat did not know that kim and josh had moved to albany, and she didn't know that kim was pregnant last year. the way she found out about josh and kim's baby braeden was i texted her the next day with his "stats". so christmas nite i received a text from kat saying she was thinking of me and my typewriter that her father had given me 3 years ago on easter. i returend her call and then voila last nite she called me and we talked for almost two hours. it was good to hear from her, and by no means have i let her off the hook for her actions i guess you could say. i plan on broaching the issue when we are face to face. kat had a lot of things going on in her life, that most people would need to speak with a friend about. i mean i made it more than clear that i was there for a shoulder to lean on, she could vent to me, talk to me, or we could just go out and have fun, do whatever. i feel that that was well known. and i undestand that people deal with issues in there own way, but to throw away friendships because you are handling things in your own way? that does not make sense to me. if you need space, let me know. sorry about the rant, but after talking with kim, i started thinking again about the whole thing. well at least we are talking now, and kat says that she wants to keep in touch, and actually hang out sometime. we will see. hahaha i got in trouble last nite from one of my buddies for opening the door for my buddy jeff's girlfriend. last friday i had an interview and it was total shit. i got the job, but the job blows, so i am not taking it. anyways. i got out and wanted to go for lunch. so i called shauna. she is a nurse and is dating my buddy jeff. well i pick her up and we go to this place in rockville centre called macaurthur park. i opened the car door for her, it really didn't occur to me not to. (jenks door story reminded me of this) so last nite i go to hang out with the "boys" and drink beers, smoke cigars, and play cards and complain about how wicked women are. so jeff says hey eric, what the fuck man, i say what's the problem? he says you opened the door for shauna. i was confused and then started laughing. he says great, now she keeps saying that"ERIC OPENED THE DOOR,WHY CANT YOU. all of course in a little voice with some attitude. priceless. shit like that really cracks me up. ok, enough torture. gonna wrap this one up. talk to you later all.
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01/13/06 10:16 - 50ºF - ID#21374


correction: It is the Your messages box that comes up ever change of page.
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01/13/06 10:15 - 50ºF - ID#21373

y,y,y r less

ok, so i finally have the internet at home again and i hooked up my wireless router. problem is the connection comes and goes, yet the signal is still listed as excellent, PLUS my computer is on my desk, which is about a foot or so away from the router! any suggestions, comments. another problem is that when i hook up the ether net cable, i get no connection. it says i have one, but i can not get online.wi really know nothing about networking, and such. i have to attempt to build a network for my comp and my roomates comp so the signal is secure. maybe that is why i am having difficulty with the connection. not sure, but it could make sense. oh yeah and one more question, why every time i bring up a page does the your comment box pop up. i am psyched to get comments, but how do i make the box go away permanently once i read the comment? yeah i had no coffee this morning.
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01/11/06 04:42 - 38ºF - ID#21372

the queen has arrived....i think


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01/11/06 03:57 - 38ºF - ID#21371

gardens felt like you - and a sea of....

im yeah my roomie is back with his ex, ex...and well i am not going to lie, it gives me hope. a foolish thing i know, but what am i supposed to do. i actually went out saturday nite with my roomate in long beach. he has not been out, free and unfetered in 2 years. it was insane. the drinks that were being consumed, and the dancing. we ran into a group of girls that are friends of mine, and just seriously boogied down. it was an awesome time. he left me at the Inn, i don't even remember him leaving me there, that is how much fun it was. I know its alittle delayed but i hope everyone had fun on new years, i had a pretty good time at a party in astoria. even came up with a haiku for the fridge.

gardens felt like you
and a sea of aching petals
worship delirious language

i need to start writing more. i need to start writing and get the broken string on my guitar restrung. i have time to do both. i just need to do them. anyone have post its?? going to bed, it is supposed to be nice here tomorrow. 50's i think. maybe i will go down to the beach. probably lots of beach glass. talk to you all later.
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01/11/06 03:31 - 37ºF - ID#21370

I gotta woman....way 'cross town...

We finally have internet in my apartment again!! no more going to starbucks, or running to my buddy calvins house to plug in. hooked up my wireless router and everything. now i just have to figure out how to make a network that is secure for my roomate's computer and mine. the signal is just out there and i am not sure if that is a good thing or not. well no job as of yet, went on an interview, and the guy talked me out of the positoin. it was another recruiting job. my friend courtney works there and wanted me to come in just to see if i was interested. i am kind of, but i feel that i am at the point in my life where i have to start building a future, i mean 29 is not to early, hahaha. i want to feel more secure and have the ablility to do more of the things that i want to do. so i did not want to take a position that i would not be happy with in a few months or even more so, not be doing well at. that leads me to another trouble area in my life. kerri. well i have decided that i am going to take her to dinner, and say listen, i think about you a lot, and i don't like what we were doing. going out, and then spending the nite together and not talking for two weeks. i am going to propose that we see each other again. with more space than the first time around. now with that, though i am going to ask if it is something she wants to do, or if it is something that she will just do. does that make any sense? i have to do this to move on. i think about her entirely too much. this weekend will be the the 1 year from when i met her. martin luther king weekend, the sunday. i called a bunch of my friends to go out, i said there would be a lot of cute teachers out because of having monday off. well i was right. my friends were hitting on her and her friends, and she walked away from them and sat down next to me at the bar and said hi. and then we started talking. i said i would meet her out that wednesday at open mic, but i was really sick. we had no heat in the apt for that whole week. my friend roland told her, and then the next time i saw her i didn't think she was interested. finally 2 weeks later she came over to me and said are you going to talk to me or ask me out or what? i walked her home, and we spent the nite kissing, cuddling and talking. it was great. from then on, it was always kerri and eric. i don't want to move on, i would like her back, but if i have to, then it has to be like that. my roomate has started seeing the girl he moved her for. they broke up 5 years ago. they had talked about marriage, houses, kids. now he doesn't know what he is doing. i told him that sometimes things like that happen, don't let your pride get in the way. however if it is something that you really feel is not the right thing to do then, well i guess you have to do what you think is right. i personally think that they will get back together, and pick up where they left off. though i did see what happened to him when they broke up. i am going to get kicked offline. have to finish up in a min......
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12/28/05 07:41 - 45ºF - ID#21369

The Queen Mum's Peep Show!

Leaving for Long Island tomorrow morning. Hopefully i will be up early enough so that i can get a good start. I would like to be on the road by 4:30 am, thats right kids, i said 4:30 am. that way i will be home by noon or a little after that. this was a pretty good trip. ran into a few people i have not seen in years, met a couple new people, and well spent time with my family. Tonite my mom, dad and i went to dinner at Ilo DiPalo's. I really like that place. its homey, very family oriented. Had french onion soup, salad, and canneollo something...this long pasta stuffed with spiniach and veal with a alfredo sauce. very good. had to bring a lot of it home. While we were eating my dad asked me why i like living on long island so much. I gave him a slew of reasons. though i must say, i would probably like living back here too. Though i would have to live down off of Elmwood in order to maintain my sanity. my parents live out in the burbs, west seneca/op border. to quiet, nothing going on out here. i do miss buffalo, and a lot of things about it. i could definately see myself moving back here some day. that day, however is not anytime soon. at least i do not think it is. Last nite at mr. oneills was a classic one to say the least. he got into some wine, and my buddy mike and i got into a little johnny walker black label. whew, what a nite. his dad is so quiet, and the things that come out of his mouth, are just way to funny. he is not one of those good time charlie guys, with a big belly laugh, or back slapping hugs, but very sheepish, and maybe that is what makes what he says so funny. i don't know, but i almost pissed my self a few times. gotta love mr. oneill. there is a picture of the queen and prince phillp hanging above his toilet. so standing there, you give the queen a show. i took a pic of the pic using my phone, now i just need to send it to my email so i can load it on here. not the most tech savy guy here people. so it may be awhile, but i definately want you all to see this picture. it is hilarious. they are just sitting/standing in pose, and you are standing "in pose" really funny. Kinda like a PEEP SHOW! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA yeah that was a cheap one, had to slipe it in there. it is funny though especially after 2 scotch and waters! well that is enough for now. kinda tired and bored. gonna go find something to do.
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