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Category: beautiful people.

09/05/05 10:25 - 66ºF - ID#20610

my lemon love.

tomorrow is my first day of senior year.
wish me luck??

I am scared shitless. Please don't tell anyone, or it will undo all the confidence-building that my leather jacket and stud belt will hopefully supply.
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Category: divorce.

09/04/05 12:21 - 64ºF - ID#20609

no good very bad summer.

gah. this is going to be another angsty post. y'all have been warned.

and so the dreaded divorce continues. my family is freaking out about my decision to go with my mother. a lot of people from my dad's side aren't speaking to me now. my grandmother told me that when i think of grandmothers, to think of the one from my mom's side because 'that's all you have now'.

so i've been pretty upset. i mean it's like i've just been dealing with all this shut up in this house. i haven't been able to go out except for like, twice this summer. my mom and i decided to take an impromptu road trip to franklin PA. it's this ridiculous hicktown, but we have a couple family members who just moved there from california so we got to see them. the ride down and back was hilarious, just my mother and i being dorks and smoking and calling on the spirit of thelma and louise. we left yesterday afternoon and came back this evening.

last nite i tried to get into a franklin bar with my mother and aunt but that town is so small they carded me, so i spent the nite at the super motel 8 in fucking franklin PA with my chihuahua, masturbating to fresh prince of bel air on nick at nite. my last friday nite before school starts.

which was fine, because i had tonite's date to look forward to. and then he bailed.

i'onno. i'm a stupid girl i guess. i got all cute and excited to go out and all and then, well, it's a long story that i'll hash out later but he bailed on me at the last minute.

i think i might go over to keith and jon's now for some much-needed chillout-ness.

i guess, in closing, i just want to thank everyone on the site who has been so nice to me and has offered me support. you really don't know how much it means to me.

take care, alison.
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Category: divorce.

08/31/05 04:39 - 71ºF - ID#20608

sugar, we're going down.

an insane week.

up until now, i had decided to live with my dad, so my mom was gonna move to arizona to live with her parents. i did this because my mom was drinking too much and i just thought that i'd be safer with my dad. obviously, this was not going to work out.
i've had a horrendous summer. no way to work because i haven't had a way to get to a job, no way to leave this stupid house because my dad's an asshole. and i can't do it anymore. i can't have him blowing up at me. i can't try and be a better person and get my shit together with him yelling at me all the time and expecting perfection when it's just not going to come. i'd make it come if i could, but i can't.
so two days ago he blew up at me about something stupid. except he was really scary. scary in the way he used to be, before he said he'd changed. it's the first time it happened in a long time, but i felt like the entire way there i had this sword of damocles hanging over my head. how am i supposed to try and be happy with all that pressure over my head? he could've blown up at any second, and he finally did. i won't go into the things he said, but they brought back enough of my past to solidify my decision. i'm living with my mother.

the divorce was supposed to be over today, but now it'll probably go on for another year because of my decision. we're all three of us going to have to stay here. we've been forced to stay living together for the past year and a half by the courts. i don't have any way to get to school or any money for school clothes or supplies which, sounds so bratty, but i can't help it.
i just got off the phone with my dad and he was talking about how mom and i won't have any money for college and how i'm going to end up pregnant.

kids take out student loans all the time, right?

i just don't see why he'd keep bothering if he hates me so much, i mean clearly.

gah. i need beer, and we are out. i suppose tequila will have to suffice.
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Category: anything but clothes

08/27/05 01:03 - 75ºF - ID#20607

crazy does not even begin to cover it.

um, so yeah. i don't know where to begin.
more to come later, if i can bring myself upright in bed.
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Category: deconstruct.

08/26/05 02:51 - 64ºF - ID#20606

love, alison.

um, so yeah. i just now finished my new party dress, made from curtains...

it's either the coolest thing i've ever made or the ugliest.

i'm having coffee with my friend wendy tomorrow nite (actually, tonite) because she leaves to go back to college on saturday. saying goodbye to friends is really fucking sucky. i'm hoping i'll be able to stay awake long enough to party, as anything past eleven is definitely past this little girl's bedtime.
can't wait to meet some fellow (e:strip)pers!

hope everyone is sleeping well.
love, alison.
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08/25/05 06:45 - 77ºF - ID#20605

dream on.

ugh, headache again.

went to the reservation with my mother today, part of our little bonding ritual where we eat mcdonalds and she buys me a carton of cigarettes. then we went to terrapin station for burnables and i tried to convince her to buy me a pipe, to no avail. tonite, i should really start my summer homework, though i have a terrible creative itch to screw around in my jrnl. ah well. i don't think i'm going to the little shindig tomorrow nite, on account of having no way of getting there and back to the fair road of middlesex.

(e:ladycroft): yr produce is AMAZING!! je suis very impressed.
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Category: crush!

08/25/05 12:46 - 63ºF - ID#20604

you've caught me red-handed.

am sewing up my party dress for friday nite from bedclothes and watching the dreamers, which, by the way, is a great movie. so far, the top bit has turned out lovely, though i can't decide how to do the skirt. normally i wouldn't bother, but i really don't fancy spending hours prancing about in a plastic bag. still not positive that i'm going though, i guess it depends on whether or not i'm in the mood for debauchery come friday evening, or moreover in the mood for taking the trek from middlesex to weneverclose when it's dark outside. yeah, i'm a chicken.
i love how, in this movie, everyone is always smoking. even while they're eating. now, i realize that that's how a lot of people live, especially in france (and especially during that time), but it's still weird to see. i really want to smoke while eating a meal, as gross as that sounds.
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Category: i have no car.

08/23/05 11:14 - 62ºF - ID#20603


hey if anyone's going to the get-together on friday at 1041 Elmwood, could i steal a ride? i'm sweet, cute, and can fit in most overhead storage compartments! i don't live far, but i don't fancy walking around elmwood in the dark... much love and the smoking of a bowl goes to to the (e:strip)pin' friend who wants to be my jeeves for the evening.
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Category: orgasms!

08/22/05 05:25 - 68ºF - ID#20602

going on my tombstone.

never underestimate the power of a great orgasm.
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Category: princesses.

08/22/05 11:04 - 65ºF - ID#20601

strawberries and cream.

watched the series finale of sixfeetunder last nite, an amazing show. i won't spoil anything here, but the last 10 minutes are perfection. i love lauren ambrose. i was balling throughout the entire episode, and, right at the end, my friends jim and wendy called to go to spot, so i ran out into the nite all red and puffy and explained how sometimes yr fine, and then something like a really sad episode of sixfeet can just send you over the edge into the land of streaked makeup and runny noses.
this morning, i woke up at 8:30 in preparation for my backtoschoolschedule. i really want to be asleep right now. however, i was a very good girl this morning. i got up, walked to totaltan, walked back (had a slimfast shake on the face), showered, and am now chilling out back in the attic with nothing to do for the rest of the day. and by nothing, i mean NOTHING. i should probably do my summer work seeing as it's due in two weeks. blargh.
actually, i have nothing to do until school starts in two weeks but an 8 am doctor's appt tomorrow morning, making sure my dad orders my senior pictures, going clothes shopping on wednesday, and buying my school books on the 29th... and tanning, because i'll need to be dark for the first morning back and it's inevitable horrors. basically, it's one hundred upper-upper class white girls showing off their new designer brand clothes and saying 'like, omg, what did you do this summer? i love yr hair!' then, the person walks away, and the girl speaking says, 'omg, her hair is like, totally grody.'

i kid you not. the girls of the buffalo seminary need no embellishment.

did i ever write about yoga on friday? WELL, never again. it was like, 110 degrees in that room, and i almost passed out. the whole time, all i could think of was, 'need. smoke. NOW.' then, on top of feeling like one of those kids in the anti-drugs commercials who take ecstasy and end up dying on the floor of some rave, i also felt inferior because i couldn't place my foot squarely on the small of my back.
and i paid a lot of money to feel this way. NEVER AGAIN.

these little girls I often babysit have a hopscotch mat (because, apparently, kids can't just use chalk anymore) with a picture of a different disney princess in each square. after they went to bed, i found myself staring at this thing. i've always really related to number 8, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and how she always craved adventure and romance and didn't fit in with everyone around her because she was a dreamer. number 5, Mulan- I get her too. she was willing to do anything to be a good daughter and was torn between who she was and who people wanted her to be.
but number 3, Sleeping Beauty, now she I just envy. she got to just pass out one nite and wake up again when things were dandy and she had a boyfriend and the world made sense, and she in it. that lucky slut. she traded a kiss for happiness... now why did it work for her and not me?
i confess, i have a bit of a lolita complex.

yeah, i'm a dork.
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