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08/22/05 11:04 - ID#20601

strawberries and cream.

watched the series finale of sixfeetunder last nite, an amazing show. i won't spoil anything here, but the last 10 minutes are perfection. i love lauren ambrose. i was balling throughout the entire episode, and, right at the end, my friends jim and wendy called to go to spot, so i ran out into the nite all red and puffy and explained how sometimes yr fine, and then something like a really sad episode of sixfeet can just send you over the edge into the land of streaked makeup and runny noses.
this morning, i woke up at 8:30 in preparation for my backtoschoolschedule. i really want to be asleep right now. however, i was a very good girl this morning. i got up, walked to totaltan, walked back (had a slimfast shake on the face), showered, and am now chilling out back in the attic with nothing to do for the rest of the day. and by nothing, i mean NOTHING. i should probably do my summer work seeing as it's due in two weeks. blargh.
actually, i have nothing to do until school starts in two weeks but an 8 am doctor's appt tomorrow morning, making sure my dad orders my senior pictures, going clothes shopping on wednesday, and buying my school books on the 29th... and tanning, because i'll need to be dark for the first morning back and it's inevitable horrors. basically, it's one hundred upper-upper class white girls showing off their new designer brand clothes and saying 'like, omg, what did you do this summer? i love yr hair!' then, the person walks away, and the girl speaking says, 'omg, her hair is like, totally grody.'

i kid you not. the girls of the buffalo seminary need no embellishment.

did i ever write about yoga on friday? WELL, never again. it was like, 110 degrees in that room, and i almost passed out. the whole time, all i could think of was, 'need. smoke. NOW.' then, on top of feeling like one of those kids in the anti-drugs commercials who take ecstasy and end up dying on the floor of some rave, i also felt inferior because i couldn't place my foot squarely on the small of my back.
and i paid a lot of money to feel this way. NEVER AGAIN.

these little girls I often babysit have a hopscotch mat (because, apparently, kids can't just use chalk anymore) with a picture of a different disney princess in each square. after they went to bed, i found myself staring at this thing. i've always really related to number 8, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and how she always craved adventure and romance and didn't fit in with everyone around her because she was a dreamer. number 5, Mulan- I get her too. she was willing to do anything to be a good daughter and was torn between who she was and who people wanted her to be.
but number 3, Sleeping Beauty, now she I just envy. she got to just pass out one nite and wake up again when things were dandy and she had a boyfriend and the world made sense, and she in it. that lucky slut. she traded a kiss for happiness... now why did it work for her and not me?
i confess, i have a bit of a lolita complex.

yeah, i'm a dork.
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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...