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Category: school.

10/05/05 08:25 - ID#20630


ohkay. so this weekend i reallyreallyreally need to get out and take some still life/portrait shots for my photography class, i mean likeWHOA. so pleasepleaseplease, if anyone is interested in meeting up on the strip somewhere and letting me photograph you, i would be ohsograteful.

i'll even wear a low-cut blouse.
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Category: school.

10/02/05 04:54 - ID#20629

i am SO getting suspended.

Reefer Madness
Something To Think About, by Alison Skalyo

    As a correspondent for Sem Spotlight, I have been given a great opportunity in the form of two minutes during which to share my thoughts on subjects of relevance that effect not only our small community, but also the global community. I will come to you live, at 8 in the morning, at various times in the year, with my segment entitled, ‘Something To Think About’.
    For my first report, I have chosen the phenomena of Reefer Madness. Look up the term ‘marijuana’ on Yahoo and you will be given 27,600,000 responses. Marijuana, otherwise known as ‘pot’ or ‘weed’, is a drug used both medicinally and recreationally. There has been much controversy in the past years over how the usage of the drug should be controlled in the United States. Medicinally, marijuana helps sick people everyday. Recreationally, the drug is illegal in this country and been used as a scapegoat for various points of human error. Is this valid? Does the use of marijuana lower students’ grades, heighten devious tendencies in the otherwise innocent, or generally deteriorate the value of the American people?
    I say that it does not, at least not any more than tobacco or alcohol, both of which are legal in this country. Do people not get into car accidents every single day as a result of drinking? Do people not die every minute as a result of lung cancer?
    Despite our trusty governments’ best efforts, marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in this country. Maybe the government’s voice would be better received if our current President would not refuse to speak on the subject of marijuana, or even consent to take a drug test. Regardless, marijuana is a focal point for many different aspects of American culture, including music, literature, and other forms of entertainment.
    I speak now as just one Democratic female student living in a country run by aging male Republicans, but this is what I have to say:
    There are many negative results from the use of marijuana, just as there are negative results of drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Shouldn’t the American people have the right to decide which bad decision they’re going to make on any given day? I say, tax the stuff and sell it in stores with restrictions similar to those on alcohol and tobacco. Let’s have the government take a more active role in educating America on marijuana use, not just the after-school special, straight-A student-gone-wrong stereotype. Who knows? If the stuff made Bob Dylan accomplish what he has, maybe it will aid our fearless President in his international negotiations.
    I do not ask that you take these thoughts as gospel, but I do ask that you step out from your usual line of thought, and consider it something to think about.
    Thank you.
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Category: school.

10/02/05 02:18 - ID#20628


ohkay- remember how i said that i've got a spot doing a feature for my school's news team this week? well, tomorrow i have to hand in my rough draft, about 2 minutes on any subject with any slant that i want, as long as it's fairly diplomatic.

i've decided to do legalizing marijuana.

so, i would be soso appreciative if people would leave comments giving a thought or two on what they think about the legalization of marijuana, or know of any particularly good sites on the subject.

thanks dears!

p.s. had a great time at (e:pmt)'s last nite! was happy to see (e:lilho) and (e:tk). (e:drchlorine) and (e:ladycroft) hung out and we ate pizza and drank and played video games... and i got a C in dancedance revolution! (casualties were minimal.)
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Category: school.

09/23/05 09:23 - ID#20624

whorenet/jack-it day

today is hornet/jacket day at my school. everyone in the school, teachers included, are either a green hornet or a yellow jacket. there is a sort of general personality to a hornet and another to a jacket, but people are often misplaced. i am a hornet. we are often quiet and bookish, while jackets are outgoing and crazy like foxes. once you are on a team you are on it for life. eighty year old women come back to my school and fight with people on the other team.
so today, hornet/jacket day, is when the freshmen and new students get initiated into their teams. everyone is dressed all crazy-like in their color and go around the school putting up signs that say things like 'jackets take too long to think of come backs' and 'adam brody is a hornet!' it's really cute.
we have twenty-minute classes and then the activities begin at noon, though i've never stayed for that silliness. my mom's picking me up at noon and we're going to the reservation to buy smokes.
i am feeling uncomfortable. i'm supposed to be set up with that jim guy tonite, and i am really not in the mood. oh well, maybe it well help with thangs... nah, maybe i'll call and cancel... again.

if anyone wants to do something tonite, coffee or whatevah, call me. hopefully i will have evaded the horrid world of dating curly blond-haired preppy boys and will be doing my homework like i should.
until then... let's make out.

P.S. <-- this is funny
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Category: school.

09/08/05 11:48 - ID#20611

day three.

day three of my senior year, and i'onno what to say. i just want to go home. it's like, i've got all this divorce stuff on my mind and then people expect me to smile real big and be happy and do all this work and pay attention and it's frustrating. i guess i really just want to go to sleep.
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