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12/25/04 10:24 - ID#20588


merry christmas to you all, and happy seventeenth birthday to me and angel.
i feel old/young.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

12/19/04 12:22 - ID#20587

one thing i'm happy about is:

Current Conditions:
Feels Like:    -4°    Â     
Barometer:    29.88 in and rising      
Humidity:    81%      
Visibility:    1.61 mi    Â     
Dewpoint:    8°
Wind:    NW 16 mph
Sunrise:    7:42 am
Sunset:4:43 pm
buffalo is a winterfuckingwonderland.

laur-- what shall we do with our vacation? ahhh, i love having options!
if the oc came in, i vote being slobs over here.
in other news, i received my yearly $50 gift certificate to barnes & noble from my aunt yesterday, and promptly went out and spent the sucker. i got the second mix for the oc, and three books: SLUT: Growing Up Female With A Bad Reputation, Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls, and Seductress: Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love. Can you tell l'm a sociology fiend?
oh, vacation! now i can finally read Like Water For Chocolate and Angels and Demons, which I borrowed from Joy and Sarah (respectively) about a million months ago.
still, this is going to be a terrible christmas. not like last year. last year was.... well. yeah. him.
my mom and i got a little charlie-brown-er of a christmas tree. we put all the decorations WE wanted on it, so it mostly ended up being little wooden figurines and things I made when I was little.
ayie. i can hear them fighting about money downstairs. assholes. ::turns on eels::
anyway. i had to keep pulling ornaments out of the box and asking my mom who gave them to us because i accidentally wanted to put up this little kitty-jack-in-the-box one but it turns out my grandmother on my dad's side gave it to us, so obviously that was out.
there was this one ornament and it was off a little man in golf garb(e?) and it says 'my dad's a pro' on his chest. i gave it to the dog, and she tore his head clean off his body, so mom and i hung it in two pieces on the back of the tree.
there's no star on top, either.
the christmasparty was good- the food was fucking AMAZING. ayie. laur and i drank considerable amounts and were about to pass out at like 11 (don't make fun, the drinking commenced at 6), so the power broker (what we call my dad's friend/dealer mike) let us use his limo to take us home. thus, we ended up going from hutch's to my place in our own private limo, and stealing the silverbullet beers from within aforementioned limo. hollar. we weren't as sick yesterday as we thought we'd be, but we were a little.
cough~max~cough~'better than good charlotte mix'~cough.
ohh the full bklyn cd came in (i may have already mentioned this), and it's LIVE!
... and i hate my parents.
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12/11/04 07:52 - ID#20586

jobs, divas, and chemistry- oh my!

right. so.
i just all but quit my job at globe. they were saying that it's inconveinient for me to come back to work after the break i just took so i could go to newyork and do storyplay, so we'd talk again after the newyear.
fuck that shit. i'm getting a job at hutch's.
take that bitches.

i'm not even going to explain the entire thing (because it's pretty messy and just a bunch of bitching) but sirensonggirls, my student-run choir at buff sem, is really starting to suck because this one girl, caitlin, is a drama queen and bosses everyone around and gets all the good fucking parts. roar. we just put on 'wicked' and now we're picking something new and i suggested selected songs from 'brooklyn the musical' and i'm sure ciatlin's going to get it all. yeah. ugh.

every tuesday my art class goes to albrightknox to walk around for 40 minutes or so and, being the unofficial TA, i get to pick up our passes and flirt with the guards. i love looking old.
although my birthday/christmas is in how many days? not many.

anyways, yes paul, that tree is ridiculous. someone learned how to use a camera and computer. big effing deal. but the two exhibits where the photographers dressed up as different family members and characters. the one photographer disguised herself as a lesbian, an old lady, a lesbian, a latino- it was so cool. and the other one made herself up to look like marilyn monroe and her own brother- it took the girls in my class like twenty fucking minutes to comprehend that fact that YES, even though it doesn't LOOK like her, it is. yeah. i know.

and now, i must say ado, so i can study for chemistry and not get into columbia.
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