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Category: orgasms!

10/25/05 12:41 - ID#20638

i'll take TWO, if you please!!

my birthday/christmas is in 61 days. before the football game this weekend, (e:drchlorine) asked me what it is i want.

i have decided.

forget world peace, this would be far more satisfying:




my whole life, like most girls, i've carried around with me a bunch of stupid, romantic things i want to do/happen to me before i get too old and ugly to look cute doing them. at the top of my list, are being kissed under mistletoe, and being kissed at midnite on new years eve (y'know, right at the end of the countdown, when everyone's jumping around drunkenly). neither of these have happened yet, but, should adam brody be within tackling distance of myself at an appropriate time (er, inappropriate, i guess.), his ass is getting good and kissed, alison-style.
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Category: orgasms!

10/16/05 06:22 - ID#20635

yeah. so.

yeah. so. i just had the most random evening/morning.
i just walked in my door like, two seconds ago.
more to come, if i decide to wake up tomorrow.
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Category: orgasms!

08/22/05 05:25 - ID#20602

going on my tombstone.

never underestimate the power of a great orgasm.
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