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Category: crush!

09/19/05 10:33 - ID#20620

bed sounds good right now. but not empty

i found my ring! it is safe and sound on a fatter finger this time, so it won't go slipping off at outdoor parties.
just finished editing my last two writing posts, both of which i handed in today. if i don't get two big, flashy 'A's at the tops of them, i'll cry. a lot.

i think we should have a football party soon. don't those thigns go on on sundays? we could order chicken wings and drink beer and generally be men about the whole thing.
and i'll bring a book, because football is boring.

p.s. i've decided that the best way to handle school is to not face it sober.
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Category: crush!

08/25/05 12:46 - ID#20604

you've caught me red-handed.

am sewing up my party dress for friday nite from bedclothes and watching the dreamers, which, by the way, is a great movie. so far, the top bit has turned out lovely, though i can't decide how to do the skirt. normally i wouldn't bother, but i really don't fancy spending hours prancing about in a plastic bag. still not positive that i'm going though, i guess it depends on whether or not i'm in the mood for debauchery come friday evening, or moreover in the mood for taking the trek from middlesex to weneverclose when it's dark outside. yeah, i'm a chicken.
i love how, in this movie, everyone is always smoking. even while they're eating. now, i realize that that's how a lot of people live, especially in france (and especially during that time), but it's still weird to see. i really want to smoke while eating a meal, as gross as that sounds.
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