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09/27/09 08:54 - 57ºF - ID#49864

Sad scene on the 90 Eastbound

Last night my wife and I were driving to Batavia for a birthday party when we ran into stopped traffic. There was not a concert at Darien Lake so I knew it had to be an accident. Sure enough we were about to pass the scene and we saw it was a motorcycle. The cycle was underneath the guard rail and my first reaction was this is not good. About 20 feet from the cycle was what looked to be a body wrapped up in whatever they had available. I did not get a great look at it but it was the right shape and size. It was a little horrifying to say the least. I was a little concerned that they did not pull a car up next to it or they do not carry those privacy tents. I saw them on a UK site one time. The police on the scene would just pop up the tent and that way rubber necking would be minimal. I am not sure of protocol in a situation like that. Perhaps they could not move the body before the coroner arrived. Maybe they needed to do further investigation at the scene.

I felt a rush of sadness from when I was younger having gone through something similar with my brother. He died in a car accident on a normal night without any warning. Just knowing that someone was going to get a phone call. Someone was going through their normal day to day and boom it changed in an instant. I feel sorry for them.
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09/07/09 09:08 - 64ºF - ID#49712

Wedding Season '09 in the bag

We went to our last wedding of the summer. They are fun however we usually have so many each year. This year I think we only had four totaly but that is enough for me.

Now I can focus on doing some things around the house on the weekend. I have come to the realization I need to keep the house in shape enough to sell. If I keep to that mind set then I think I will get more done.
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