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01/24/11 01:34 - 13.ºF - ID#53488

Shaved for the first time in about a month

I decided this year I really was going to grow out facial hair. I am a pretty low maintenance guy and I like this keep things simple. This was very new for me. I usually shave 2 to 3 times per week but don't mine a little scruff in between.

Here is me before:


I feel kind of naked now. You know that feeling that you get in the spring when you don't wear a coat outside? Like something is missing. I did kind of like it and will probably make it a yearly thing in the winter.

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01/19/11 01:41 - 25.ºF - ID#53457

Cleaning out

Last night I spent some time in the basement cleaning up. Over the past year clutter has overtaken any sort of order that was hashed out down there. Most of my time was spent breaking down boxes that I have saved on higher priced items along with empty boxes from kids toys. I told my wife after I break down a bunch of stuff and take it to the curb I feel so liberated. Kind of makes me want to rent a dumpster and throw out a bunch.

This bring me to my next annoyance....shredding. I hate the fact that stuff sent to me without my asking has to be disposed of differently. I have almost 2 garbage bags full of papers that need to be destroyed to help protect us from identity theft. Does this even matter anymore? I would think that if someone really wanted to steal my identity they could. I check my credit report a few times which I think is a good preventative measure. Perhaps I am a little paranoid. I think at this point I might try and track down a metal barrel and make it into a paper burning station. I am at the point where my shredder will overheat if I feed that much paper through it not to mention the time that will take. Anyone know where I can get a metal 55 gallon barrel?

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