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05/28/08 12:26 - 54ºF - ID#44473


This past month for me has been very stressful. Work has been the root of most of this stress as my team is understaffed and have so much to do. I have not even wanted to post to estrip at all lately. I will go to the site and close it knowing all my time needs to be spend elsewhere. Besides running on my lunch break I think I need to get that Allentown Athletix membership very soon. Hopefully they have a punching bag so I can take out some of my aggression. If not then just sweating a little might do the trick. Thanks for listening ;)
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05/14/08 11:02 - 56ºF - ID#44342

Preakness this weekend!!

This weekend I am going to the 133rd Running of the Preakness. I am so excited as this is a bachelor party. We all have tickets to the infield that is sure to be crazy. I have not been to an outside beer bash since the 10 Ugly Men festival in Rochester. I am sure I will have a lot of drunken pics to post when I get back. Doing a little bit of research tonight I have seen the shenanigans that go on there. Overweight men in speedos, people in horse costumes and afros etc etc. Has anyone ever been to this?
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