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Category: randomo

05/21/09 08:29 - 67ºF - ID#48717


So last Sunday was a day of some great firsts.

I went golfing with my uncle, and two cousins. Apparently I'm not too bad, and as a prize, my uncle gave me the set of sweet golf clubs that he picked up at a yard sale.
The address on the golf bag's tag says it used to belong to a Paula Cohen of Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills. yes, 90210. Sweet.

The only thing I don't have is a putter.

Sunday night I met all of the employees from all three stores (plus guests) over at AJ's Grand Prix. Holy hell what joyous fun that is! I can't believe it, but the boss man actually paid for us to be there for several hours. We had 2 practice rounds (8 min each) plus 4 heats and 2 finals. Plus we were to order whatever we wanted from the snack bar. It was SO much fun, and those carts really do go fast!

Unfortunately, I was too nice, not being aggressive and didn't get to partake in the final win all trophy at the end, I had to race in the consolation final race. I was so mad, I raced awesomely in that last race and got really good at passing people around the corners....

I would encourage all to check it out!

ok that was my random post for this month. I am off to smoke a hookah.
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05/07/09 11:38 - 53ºF - ID#48622 pmobl


There was definetely a 6 car accident in front of my apartment tonight.the sound of it was insane.a cop car managed to slam into my downstairs neighbors parked car.
That is the neighbors that are moving away in a week.
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05/06/09 08:30 - 60ºF - ID#48606

short. not sweet.

tell me how the damn dog managed to get my jawbone bluetooth off of the desk and eat it in the 30 seconds I wasn't looking at him.

set up a camping trip in ithaca for june 26-28. Very excited and wished it were may 26-28.

now i have to go figure out what to get mom for moms day.
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Category: good eats

05/03/09 03:19 - 63ºF - ID#48584 pmobl

thirsty buffalo

Mobile post from the thirsty buffalo. Thought I would grace you with a little review as it happens.

Firstly, we sit 'outside' where we are blessed with the occasional whiff of sewage.

The waitress brings me a coffee cup that has coffee stains on the side. suspicious.

We sit next to either three hipsters or two gay men and their fruit fly.

There is something green floating in my water.

Quesadillas are great. (E:laurens) chicken bacon ranch wrap is 'pretty good'.

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04/25/09 07:32 - 68ºF - ID#48504

beer mom and bea

Beerology was fun. Just like anything involving beer, there was a large about of people standing in line for beer. But I got enough beer in me to be tipsy, and to marvel at the Egyptian exhibit. Damn I love ancient Egypt. Also, playing with all the fun science experiments was fun while tipsy also.

All in all, I'm not sure if it was worth $25 a ticket, unless I end up winning tickets to the other event involving wine, appetizers and star gazing.

Mom is doing great now that she had her surgery. Just wishing she could get the hell home. She was mad she missed all the yard sales around town.

In more important news... I am so damn sad at the passing of Bea Arthur. She was my HERO. I'm not even kidding, I loved that woman.
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04/23/09 12:09 - 45ºF - ID#48480

thank you

thanks to all of your for your well wishes for my mom..

She had surgery last night for a part of her bowels that had slipped through the hole from her dialysis tube. It cut off her digestive track and caused her to vomit for almost 2 weeks. Looks like so far she is doing much better.

Thanks again. I can enjoy friday's beerology at the science museum now. Anyone else going?

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04/21/09 09:10 - 44ºF - ID#48464

I'm dropping a hell of a lot of F bombs

where do i begin....

my mother is in the hospital. has been throwing up for over a week. hasn't been able to eat as a result, in over a week. the doctors have no fucking idea what is wrong with her. they will say, oh this is what it probably is, and then its not. they haven't exactly been putting too much effort or concern into her.

she is producing large amounts of bile, which is what shes throwing up. Yesterday, the Dr stopped in for his 'hey I'm here, okay i can log it and get paid for this' visit and when he, once again, said 'don't' know whats wrong with you,' my brother asked him why the hell mom was vomiting far more than she was taking in. the Dr. actually thought about this morning and decided to run a scope into her stomach today. Why the FUCK does it take my brother's asking of a si9mple goddamn question to prompt a Dr to do his fucking job? I'm so fucked up, mad, concerned, etc. about this. I mean FUCK.

Is there anything I can do? Any way of reporting dr.s that just don't seem to give a goddamn?? I'm so stressed about this.

Secondly, not 2 weeks after my car accident and subsequent $400+ bill, and Lauren's bullshit ticket, (e:lauren) 's car decides to shit a brick. So we have it at the mechanics right now. First its the coil - and apparently she's been running on 2 cylinders. Once they get the coil, then they can figure out if its a catalytic converter.

What really fucking sucks is that we only need this car for 4 more months until we move to NYC. Which, in case any of you are doing the math, is seriously taking a whole hell of a lot out of our "move to NYC" fund.

which brings me to my next point... My supposed best friend last night informed me that because she is miserable living at her brothers for these FEW fucking short months until I get there, she is going into a deal with her former employer (who, incidentally fucked her royally and caused her to be in serious financial debt) wherein she is getting an apartment in NY by herself, and her former boss will pay for half of it as long as he can stay there 2-3 times a month.

As in she will not be moving in with us, splitting a 2 bedroom with us, she casually says she wants to move into this apartment and we would have to find one on our own. FUCK YOU.

Okay, so moral of the whole fucking story? Someone took a big shit on my parade.

Now I have to go get ready to drive to LOCKPORT to pick up all the Cellphones that I was transferring to the SPRINGVILLE store and forgot yesterday, and then drive to SPRINGVILLE.

So, I haven't posted in a while, and this is the angry fucked up woah is me post i post? yup. Fuck.
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04/15/09 01:11 - 56ºF - ID#48394

More info on the Beerology Event

I just bought (e:lauren) and I tickets to Beerology.
its our 4 year anniversary, and it was (e:lauren)'s idea to spend it on beer tasting. This is why I love this woman.

More Info:

Beerology: Science on Tap!
When: Friday, April 24
6:00 - 9:00pm
Where: Buffalo Museum of Science
Tickets: $25 pre-sale; include beer tastings, food and presentations.
Please Note: This event is for adults 21 and over only, please.
Once registered, your name will be added to the Beerology guest list. Tickets will not be mailed.

Join the Buffalo Museum of Science for its new adult event surrounding the science of beer! Guests can sample beers and brews from local breweries, snack on beer-friendly foods, and enjoy presentations on home brewing, entertainment, raffles and much more!

Presenting Beerologists (to date):
Ethan Cox - local beer brewer, judge, and educator
Stephen Powell ��" brewing history guru

Featured Breweries (to date):
Blue Point Brewery
Flying Bison Brewing Company
Great Lakes Brewing Company
Long Trail Brewing Company
Merchant Du Vin Importers
Pearl Street Grill & Brewery
Saranac Brewery
The Village Beer Merchant

Music to Brew By:
Michael Bly

Beer-friendly Foods:
‘Happy Hour Fare’ provided by local restaurants

Event agenda to come!

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04/08/09 06:50 - 30ºF - ID#48321

my excuse

Sorry I didn't make it over to the dinner after work. Or call. I had a massive migraine yesterday as a result of stress.

Yesterday on the way into work I hit a drift in the road, slid, and after almost correcting myself, hit the second drift and lost it. Spun around and nailed the guard rail on my drivers side.



The biggest issue here is the wheel damage.

I found a replacement rim for $100 (used) that will arrive at the shopp in Springville, today. Thankfully the tire is fine. Today, I drive BACK to springville on the stupid donut I had to put on and get to find out the rest of my fate. Of which I know:

My alignment is way off, I'm pretty sure I have a bent rotor, will need at LEAST one new rotor, brakepad and caliper. I may need a trailing arm too.

The worst part about the whole thing was that I was on the phone with my mother when it happened (she didn't know it happened, until she asked me why I was swearing) and not TEN minutes earlier we were having a conversation about my insurance being so high, and how I have to do some shopping around, because my deductible is $1000. Fing f f f f f.

ANyways, I hope you all had a great time last night and Sorry I didn't make it!
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04/07/09 09:30 - 25ºF - ID#48315


I've been getting so drained at work lately... I keep anticipating the time when it will all just go away, and yet it doesn't...

My Lockport store is currently the #1 Wireless zone store for April (out of several hundred), and last month we were#2. It has been SO BUSY!

Which of course is good for profits, but I'm finding it to be a hard time juggling sales, and trying to keep these guys going long enough to keep their other tasks up. I walked into the store Monday morning and it was a DISASTER.

I placed a $35,000 order because we were so very low/sold out of stuff. Seriously - that is a big order.....

I love working in Lockport because it makes my check much more bearable, but holy hell does it kick my ass.

Today I'll be in Springville, which has still been a profitable store, but less chaos. A little relaxation, I guess. Except the admin lady called in, so I get to do her job too. BAh.... AND as a result, I don't get to go to the dinner tonight. BALLS!

Its so hard leading these kids into battle....

oh... haha on another note, (e:lauren) got a ticket yesterday! haha
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