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02/27/13 08:07 - ID#57297

6-Years Old and transgender

Having come across an article regarding a 6-year old identified as transgender, I found myself being very critical of the parents in this situation.

There is certainly an amount of admiration towards their openness. However, I find it ridiculous that someone so young is being identified as such. That isn't to say that the person isn't transgender; it just seems (very) premature. I would apply the same reasoning to a child identified as gay, straight, and anything else dealing with sexuality. In fact, the issue (and growing trend) of childrens toys relating to gender demonstrates this pretty well IMO:


In the same way that we say a child's sex is independent of the toys they play with, the activities and artifacts that the child uses should not be used to determine their sex.

I love that she is able to freely engage in these practices, but there is no need to neatly wrap it up in some package.

Of course, when it comes to bathroom use, that's where this breaks down, and it is of course why the 'controvery' and article came to be. It's something I'll be mulling over, along with the question of when such an identify becomes sensible and healthy (puberty being the most tempting answer, even though mental awareness is the far more important yet immeasureable factor).
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02/21/13 04:45 - ID#57273

To This Day

This was a really powerful video for me...

I've been throw into chokes and armbars while training in MMA, been jumped by kids who did not know any better, and yet it is the words I had to deal with during my time at a poverty-striken high school that caused me the most pain.

The creators made such beautiful use of different mediums and storytelling techniques, all while capturing a message that is often ripe for target by those who commit these acts. This seems different to me.
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02/05/13 10:12 - ID#57199

Street Art


I don't have much to add...just a great compilation of art out in the streets
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