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01/23/12 10:19 - ID#55976

Beauty and Cheering

So, I think a lot of people here will enjoy this:

I feel pretty confident this guy will be doing great things, of which we will probably come across again.

On a slightly related albeit completely different topic of discussion, this is one of a continuing series of performances that make me want to shush the crowd.

In western culture, particularly American, there is an urge (possibly even a responsibility) to vocally express approval of a performance while it is ongoing. While the energy in some events, such as a football game, justifies this action, there are many others where it seems to obviously detract from the performance and yet we do so anyway.

This performance was a stark example. The music is very intimate, the motions gentle, and the crowd jarring in comparison.

This happens on a lot of things that I consume these days, though perhaps that's because I've been watching so much dancing material. But, even things like mix martial arts see very different crowd responses in some parts of the world. Specifically, in Japan, they treat MMA as we treat an opera, a hush over the entire crowd, with the silence being broken only on the most spectacular and unexpected occurrences. While I couldn't argue against others cheering in this case, I personally appreciate the silence far more; I feel it expresses a deeper respect for the contest taking place, and eliminates the feel of blood-lust in the crowd (and, indirectly, the community).

I'm curious how others feel about crowd cheers and jeers.

This is actually a topic that I considered writing about during this last break before I was sidetracked. At some point I'd like to research the origins and growth of this phenomenon.
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01/12/12 07:30 - ID#55894


((Edit: apparently this isn't coming across as I intended. The point of the post was to begin a discussion on these concepts. This is not intended to be an attack on anyone.))

These two terms are still in the growing stages and, as a result, seem to vary in what I’ve read. I’ll provide a short (and perhaps poor) summary on the part that is currently important to me:

Homonormativity asserts that everybody with any lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (homosexual) connection is and acts as if they were homosexual.

Heteronormativity asserts that heterosexuals fall within traditional gender roles and attitudes.

More reading, if so inclined:



At this point in my life I am surrounded by gay friends. I have 2 circles of largely gay friends, and another circle of every-type-of-bisexuality friends. I don’t really have any strictly straight circles that I’m around with any regularity. My two closest friends are gay.

This isn’t something that I think about much. It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t hang out with people because of their sexuality; I hang out with them because I think they are good people and I enjoy their company, and hopefully that feeling is reciprocal.

But, occasionally, and especially recently, I find that my sexuality is being questioned.

I am straight. But, since I am often in gay bars with my gay friends, and not ‘acting’ as straight as most other straight people, and not walking around with a girl on my arm, the notion that I can be straight seems to be difficult to grasp.

This is nowhere near the first time I have faced this attitude. I generally take it as a compliment; I hear ‘you are an individual’. That’s cool with me. I have fun joking around with it; pushing the line where I can for entertainment’s sake.

It’s more difficult to do that when a person’s attitude towards you changes just because you aren’t what they think you should be.

I don’t care that my personality doesn’t match what people think it should for a straight person. I’m damn well not going to act differently just because someone thinks I need to in order to prove who I am. It pisses me off that a person who belongs to a group that is still frequently persecuted, and who I have fought for regardless of the fact that I myself am not directly included in that group, is then going to turn around and give me attitude because I don’t fit in a particular mold. Insinuating that I’m not being honest, either with others or myself, is really insulting.

How is it that humans so consistently, and quickly, lose sight of the place we just left?
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01/10/12 04:37 - ID#55883

Georgia's Anti-obesity Campaign

An NPR article circulating Facebook has been accompanied by some interesting comments.

YouTube collection of the videos uploaded by the campaign:

I do find myself concerned about how this could negatively affect an obese child's self-perception. I also worry about the potential of increased bullying.

That said, I know that these children will face serious health issues. I know there is a lack of honest dialogue with the parents, and between the parents and their children, regarding the obesity that each child is facing. I know that there is a complacency surrounding this matter that is curtailing the potential for corrective actions. I know that, having conditioned their body to live this way, and not knowing any other way of life, it will be increasingly difficult to correct this problem as they enter adulthood, and by the time they reach that point there will be some damage that cannot be undone.

Since the campaign seems to have been successful in bringing the conversation out into the open, I find myself supporting the campaign. I certainly would not have followed the same approach were I leading the campaign. I would have portrayed the children as empowered, challenging their parents notions about what is good for them, rallying against fast/unhealthy foods, and demanding better school lunches. But, with how many children are facing this matter, I find myself reluctant to shun an effort that I believe will have a net-positive result.

The organizers have said that this is the first of a 3-part campaign. Further spots will be more positive, with a focus on the actions necessary to combat the issue. It will be interesting to see what they cover. I hope that they are effective, and less controversial, as I believe this is a PSA we need in all states, not just Georgia.
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