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04/27/13 11:50 - ID#57584

Changing Room Analogy

The solution is not to provide a separate space of equal rights, but to eradicate the barrier that is at best inconsequential, but often harmful, and certainly an impediment to progress.

Change the language to change the mental models and behavior.

Remove the barriers to empower all with one stroke.
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04/11/13 12:47 - ID#57504

Androminion Ridiculousness (Geek Gaming Content)

Safe to say that I have beaten the game. In fairness, I took unfair advantage of the AI's unwillingness to give up and buy the final Province/Colony.


If anyone wants to guess at my game progression though, here are the end decks for each of us (trashing, sadly, is not accounted for).



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04/08/13 07:27 - ID#57489 pmobl

Purity Ring



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