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Category: good times

01/21/08 02:11 - 17ºF - ID#42974

Marcellas for birthdays!


hey all - just wanted to post a general invite...

Friday February 9th we will be heading out to Club Marcellas for (e:lauren)'s birthday. Its our first visit to the club, and we are very excited. My aunt and cousin are also going to going as well.

party party party party hoorah!
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Category: good times

01/21/08 09:43 - 12ºF - ID#42969

bandits: a review

Bandits game? well it was damn cool. photo dump one day soon when i actually find the cord. And have time.

(E:lauren) had a damn good time too - though i'm sure that the free beer might have had something to do with it.

It was a really great time for all though. We got one of the game rooms absolutely chocked full of food We had everything from pizza and salads to pulled pork, chicken, and roast beef carved right by our own special beef carving wench. I think we were also allowed to whip her if she carved our beef too thin, but i was too drunk to try.

we also had seats in the stadium - so we could run in for beer/cheesecake and run back out for the game. it was damn good!

i have to say that the first half of the game i was just cheering when everybody else cheered, and laughing at the crazy people in general - and then i really started getting into it and i loved it! it kind of makes me really wish that (e:lauren) enjoyed sports so we could go to games more often.

We also hit the pearl street grille afterwards. Chocked full of... well... guys... but it was good times i guess.

oh and we didn't in fact take the subway - spent ten bucks on a parkin spot. it took four extra dollars than it would have for the subway i guess. ah well..

oh and yesterday at work with a hangover sucked.
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Category: good times

01/19/08 07:55 - 25ºF - ID#42949

aye bandito!

Next stop.... bandits game!

okay i should be getting ready for work - which means... perfect time to update estrip!

I'll be working down in springville tonight - and closing up shop with just enough time to tear the hell out of there and get home to hit the rail to HSBC to the bandits game.

speaking of the rail... haven't taken it before - from the summer street station to HSBC arena - what is it a buck fifty? is it any different then NYC subways? i feel like such a noob.

i guess we have both seats in the 202 section as well as the game room that we have full access to. and the game rooms have one way glass in case there is a raunchy party going on inside. considering my co-workers..... yeah...

anyways... i guess i should go make my delightful breakfast shake and get my ass in the shower. this was an eventful post wasn't it?
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Category: good eats

01/16/08 06:50 - 28ºF - ID#42908

Alive Whole food Energizer

Okay so the shake that i've been having for my breakfast.... here is the skinny on it...

Here is the link to the site from

check out the reviews also... good stuff that i have stumbled upon apparently!

Alive! Ultra-Shake is the ultimate nutritional energy source. Its' also a comprehensive, whole food multivitamin with the added benefit of Solae soy protein. Each serving contains more invigorating nutrients from more natural sources than any other supplement

  • EDIT* here is another lovely review....

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Category: good eats

01/15/08 09:54 - 29ºF - ID#42890

its practically crawling with nutrients

i've been having these superfoods shakes for breakfast for the past three or four days. a shake for breakfast? why yes! and the suprising thing is that i am not really hungry for several hours afterward! this is suprising to me because... well i love food. I need food on a fairly regular basis. And if i don't get it... well.. i'm cranky...

So this shake powder is... well.. green.. full of all those vitamins and kale and seaweed stuff that is supposed to be good for you but you never really get because... its disgusting...(?)

(e:lauren) thinks that the shake is absolutely disgusting, and I would have heartily agreed on day one when i wanted to vomit. But with a bit of tampering and time for my tastebuds to learn to look the other way.... i think its going to be just fine...

so this, mixed with a delightfully healthy diet of as much greens as possible and as little sugar as possible - just might have me fitting into those old clothes that i love.

we will see... i have horrible willpower you know...
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Category: randomo

01/12/08 06:53 - 36ºF - ID#42860

children of the corn

so (e:lauren) and i are going to a bar in wheatfield named, coincidentally enough, JT Wheatfields.

We are going to go meet my aunt and cousing for a few drinks.

i think i'm scared. No wait... i KNOW i'm scared.

"West of the Mark" - WesternNY's premier country western band is playing.

if i don't make it then be sure to auction off my belongings and donate the proceeds to (E:strip)!
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Category: randomo

01/12/08 08:06 - 36ºF - ID#42851

shopping for dummies

So yesterday was our big shopping day.

Started out with a trip to the DMV - which was on 77 Broadway. So I (being the noob of buffalo streets that I am) decided to punch the address into my VZ navigator. It popped up with two address possibilities and i selected the first one - but i realized that one was probably wrong as we started heading south on 190 PAST downtown. turns out that the first address was actually a rural road in Clinton(?). Interesting town. We decided to go with the address even though our gut feelings said NOOO! Eh its only gas right?

So when we got back to buffalo and hit up the DMV - got my registration lickity split (suprise suprise). Then off to an Oil change at sonics.

Then we decided to head up to see what the outlets in the falls were all about. WOW they sucked. They REAAAAALLLY sucked.

Then we hit the summit mall that i remembered going to in my youth. Now here is the funny thing - i sorta remembered that mall sucking when i was a kid - and now it REALLY sucked. And it sucked even more in the fitting room of the bonton when i started crying. but that is another story altogether.

We then hit the boulevard mall and got an eye toy groove game and some underwear. Giving up alltogether we asked the VZ Navigator to kindly direct us to an olive garden. There we waited 65 to 75 minutes (which turned into 50 minutes thankfully) for a table.

A quick stop at Wegmans and we came home. Now tell me how we went shopping all day and only bought a couple underwears and a video game?
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Category: randomo

01/10/08 10:04 - 33ºF - ID#42817

exercise? what is that?

(e:lauren) and I started back up with the breakdancing classes last night after a two month vacation. OW! WHen you don't workout (or use any type of physical energy) for two months you really can get sore pretty quickly!

ok so from now on we need to fully practice every Monday and Friday, in addition to classes on Wednesday.

Also I have pulled out the camera for the Eye Toy for playstation 2. I don't care what you say - that sucker is a workout! Also I am getting some protein shake powder stuff and so i can begin having a deliciouis shake for my breakfast everyday. Well I say it is a delicious shake but really i am not looking as forward to it as you may say. I like food. not shakes. whatever.

anyway - i need to get myself moving and off to work...
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Category: vampires

01/08/08 09:47 - 57ºF - ID#42796

And he shall drink their blood

I ask you... is this the face of a presidential hopeful?


Or the face of evil???


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01/07/08 09:30 - 54ºF - ID#42776


Last evening I had a get together with a few people from work. The one woman who hosted our little party called it a 'book club without the book' and I think that was the appropriate name for it.

Our gracious hostess made this... pie? It had a crushed almond crust and the filling was coconut and banana. The kicker for the whole thing is that everything in the pie was raw! The whole dish was heathy and DELICIOUS! And (e:lauren) doesn't like coconut so the piece i brought home ig et to eat today!

We had a great time talking about.... all kinds of things.. mostly about coworkers. Including our employee appreciation party....

on the 19th our boss is taking us all (springville, east aurora and lockport) to a Bandits game. We will be having a game room and he is providing food, wine, beer, and tickets. We are all bringing our significant others as well.

So we had a very interesting time discussing how interesting the course of events will be. All three stores meeting eachother (for the first time?). Meeting the significant others of everybody. (everybody meeting my signifigant lauren!)

Oh I can't wait to brave this sea of crazy.

Anyway - I should get ready for work.
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