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06/21/06 08:59 - 73ºF - ID#21016


1. How did you find out about/why did you become of estrip?
I found out about estrip from Paul. I became a member after I saw Paul's 3d rendering of his apartment on Elmwood and thought it was so cool.
2. How "out" are you about having a publicly accessible online journal. Do
your friends know? Does your family know? Do your co-workers know? Does your
boss know? Do you use your real name? Do you use your real photo?
Everyone knows I have an online journal. I do use my real photo. My email address is my real name, but I have a screen name for the journal.

3. How many epeeps have you met real life?
4. How has estrip changed the way that you meet people, on and/or off line?
Not really.
5. How has estrip affected you love life?
6. How many of your friends have joined estrip because of your influence?
7. Are you from Buffalo/do you live in Buffalo?

1. What type of hardware or software purchases have you made as a result of
using estrip?
My next cell phone will be capable of participating in the pmobile posting which will increase me usage of the site.
2. Have you used the mobile version of estrip? Why or why not?
No, my cellphone isn't able to post pmobile postings
1. In what way has estrip changed your Internet surfings habits? Describe
the amount of time you spend on estrip, when you use it and about how long?
I uses estrip about an hour a week. I check the site daily for about 15 minutes
1a. How many journals do you usually read per day?
5-8 per day
2. In what ways has estrip changed the way you perceive your local
Yes it has.
3. How has journaling about your life affected the way you spend your free
Not unless I am doing something cool that I think would make a neat post.
4. Has estrip changed your living situation in any way?
5. Do you find that you mediate/document more of your experiences now that
you share them with others?
No more than before.

6. Has publishing on estrip affected the way that write?
Not that I have noticed
7. Do you have other online journals? If so, with what service and has
estrip affected your usage of that journal?

8. Have you ever gotten in trouble for using estrip at work?
9. If you have stopped using estrip, why?
Still using it.

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06/16/06 05:55 - 80ºF - ID#21015

The Summer of Matt

I've decided to take every other Friday off and enjoy myself this summer. Today I went to the gym, played with my dogs and took them for a long walk, went for a bike ride, cleaned up around the house, went out to India Gate for lunch then sat outside and relaxed and typed a paper.

The downside is that I'm a little sunburned and my laptop battery is almost dead.

I might sell my soul to have the whole summer have the weather we had this week.
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06/16/06 08:42 - 70ºF - ID#21014

Where the bike racks go?

I've started riding my bike as much as possible instead of driving my car. Mostly so that I don't have to pay for gas. The only bad part of it is that in the suburbs there are hardly any bike racks. Wegmans on Alberta insists on putting a picnic table right infront of the rack, so you either have to be the only bike that gets the end of the rack or you have to move this heavy table to free up the rest of the spots. No bank has a rack, barnes and noble (actually that entire plaza lacks a bike rack) Bert's Bikes on NF BLVD doesn't even have a bike rack.

Contrast this with the city, where almost every shop has a bike rack or a parking meter you can lock your bike up to.

The suburbs are so pedestrian unfriendly its not funny.
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06/14/06 07:58 - 75ºF - ID#21013

Vespa & the Man

There is something sadly unmasculine about a guy riding a vespa. I went to the bank today and there was a guy in his 40s making a scene about his line of credit or something. Apparently the corporate office told him one thing and the woman at the bank was telling him something else. Anyway he left all pissed off. He storms out of the bank and I happened to be following him. He huffs his way to the parking lot and... gets on his vespa. he was so pissed off he didn't buckle his helmet. I almost peed myself laughing. He was really pissed off and I think that's what made it so funny. I looked back and the woman was standing in the doorway laughing too.

I think Buffalo needs a vespa dealer. I think we're a vespa town.
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06/12/06 08:38 - 63ºF - ID#21012

Who is where?

What ever happened to (e:drchlorine)?
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06/11/06 06:48 - 62ºF - ID#21011

Ann Coulter

I bought Ann Coulter's book Godless: The Church of Liberalism on Friday and have been unable to put it down.

The woman is insane. I mean absolutely out of body crazy. It's even taught me new words (i.e. niggardly) that I never knew existed let alone could be published and sold at Barnes & noble.

She isn't a particularly creative person; bitching about democrats/liberals and their inability to formulate coherent arguments. She's been repeating herself the entire book and now that I'm at the end, it is starting to wear on me.

It's sad that someone with such contempt for humanity is given airtime outside of Fox news.
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06/04/06 03:29 - 66ºF - ID#21010

My Life on the D List

If you hate Kathy Griffin as much as I did, I urge you to give "My Life on the D-List" a shot. She is actually really funny.
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06/02/06 09:30 - 64ºF - ID#21009

Apparently I Can't Let Go

When I was 7 I read a book called Zucchini. I got it out of the Erie county public library in Snyder.

When I was 12 or 13 I was trying to find the book because my friend Erin and I were having a discussion about it and the library denied ever having a copy of it, or that it was even in existence. I was so pissed off and apparently I still am. I was messing around on's used & out of print site and found it.

Barbara Dana, Barbara Dana, Eileen Christelow

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 055315608X
Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers
Pub. Date: November 1984


I hate being lied to, especially by complete strangers. Now I'm ready to move on.
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Category: sex

06/02/06 09:03 - 67ºF - ID#21008

Amazing... what will they think of next

Apparently KY & Astroglide have gone the way of the baby boomers.

A real man needs the following: (try to read without laughing)


Sometimes a guy just needs to get off fast, clean up and move on. Empowered Products' high-grade, no-frills lubricant, gives a guy a slick glide when he needs a quick, one-handed ride. This formula is designed to enhance sensation and heighten a guy's pleasure while he's jacking off. We've developed Jack Jelly specifically to target the needs of a more price conscious market - offering a high quality product with superior lubrication to competing silica-based gels, at a significantly lower price point.??Jack Jelly includes medical-grade oils, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and no spermacide.

GUN OIL image
Gun Oil, the premium, condom-safe lubricant that keeps a man's most important weapon well oiled. If the military issued a lube, this is what they'd distribute with the condoms and artillery. During Operation Desert Storm, Marines jacked off with actual military-issue gun oil while hunkered down in the trenches of Kuwaiti battlefields. A group of those marines has developed a high-tech, condom-safe formula for smooth, rapid-fire action. This silicone-based lube keeps a Private's parts well-lubricated with added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for longer lasting, slicker ride and minimized skin irritation. The ultra-concentrated formula is designed to out-perform comparable top-shelf products - a few drops lubricate thoroughly without breaking down or drying out. With a suggested retail price significantly lower than its competitors, Gun Oil is a certain bestseller on your lubricant shelf.

STROKE 29 image
Stroke 29, Empowered Products' premium cream lubricant, is designed to take masturbation to a whole new level. Unlike Silicone and water based lubricants, this thick, non-greasy formula provides more than just wet slipperiness. After years of research, our team has developed a lubricant that gets better the longer you use it. As the cream heats up from repetitive stroking of masturbation, the product texture transforms at or around the 29th stroke to simulate the sensation of aroused human tissue. With the combination of heat and friction, a guy might actually forget he's using his own hand. Stroke 29 provides a glide unlike any other masturbation lubricant available. The product's viscosity stays intact and doesn't break down during its transformation, so there is no need to re-apply. Stroke 29 skin-beneficial almond oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and is fragrance- and irritant-free. Not recommended for use with latex condoms. Approximately 60 applications per jar.

  • My favorite is how around the 29th stroke it magically changes... I bet your dick falls off.

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05/27/06 10:28 - 59ºF - ID#21007

No Freakin' Way

I just discovered that if you send a post-it, it goes to your phone. how cool! I don't think I use a 1/10th of the stuff I could on this site.
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