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12/24/05 07:22 - 42ºF - ID#20978

dave's christmas freak show

I'm so glad I only have to venture to Dave's christmas store once a year. It's one part of cheektowaga I can do without.

Jeff's little fake tree bit it this year, so he needed to get a new one. I can't believe how expensive little trees were at dave's. We got one at wegmans that was pretty big and pre-lit, which would have been great if it had been white lights. The retard at wegmans gave jeff one with colored lights, so we had to pull them all off and redo it with white and blue ones. it looks pretty cool now that its done.

it just looks nasty from the outside too

what's with the foil ceiling. That tree must have taken a couple of days to decorate. Luckily I don't care that much about decorating, so haha! no tree for me!


while jeff put the tree together, i pulled every light off the branches that was colored. they must treat the trees with something because my hands itched so bad when I was done


Anyway its christmas eve now, i'm glad its almost over. peace out

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12/24/05 07:16 - 42ºF - ID#20977

Christmas Cookies

Here are some pictures from the freakin cut out cookie day. I felt like a sweatshop worker :op



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12/24/05 06:51 - 42ºF - ID#20976

The Greatest Guy in the World


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