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Category: zoo

11/10/05 10:32 - ID#20971

Donna Fernandez--You COWARD!

Anyone see the article on the front page of the News today?

I cannot believe that Donna Fernandez is coming back to the zoo after she ran from Buffalo when the budget crisis was just coming to head.

From what I want to take from the News article, the only reason Fernandez wants to come back is 1. the elections are over and the zoo is still funded 2. she misses buffalo.

I wish I had a copy of the articles that were printed when Fernandez left buffalo as quickly as possible. She could have cared less about what happened to the zoo or Erie county for that matter.

What's worse is that the board of directors and the citizens of this pathetic county are letting her come back! Why? She really should be embarrassed.

I couldn't believe the article when I read it. I hope I run into her at Wegmans some time so I can call her a coward to her face.
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Category: blogs

11/06/05 12:07 - 68ºF - ID#20970


If I were to write about my life on a daily basis, I would bore you into a state of unconsciousness.

I just went through a bunch of peoples' livejournal and myspace sites and they aren't very interesting. Everything posted is a short recap of what they already told me on the phone.

(e:strip) by contrast is more enjoyable and exciting. the pictures make the difference?

In other news, Jeff and I went ski shopping yesterday. There are some sweet deals on new skis from last year if you do a rent-to-own option. Port of Sports on Main St. in Williamsville, and some place in Cheektowaga off union by old french/old union road. (i should have taken a picture)
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11/05/05 08:52 - 56ºF - ID#20969

Nice Weather

The weather has been awesome so far. I can't believe that it has been as warm as it has been and its November.

I went for a run yesterday in Delaware Park and it was so nice.

(e:paul), congratulations on the new job!
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Category: vag

10/31/05 06:06 - 56ºF - ID#20968


I keep having this reoccuring dream that I am hooking up with a girl.

Crazy! This is like the seventh dream I've had about this.

Is there a vagina in my future?
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Category: tv

10/29/05 08:44 - 49ºF - ID#20967

Video Podcast+e:mike=lotsa fun!

I think (e:mike) should start doing podcasts. I think they'd be his soap opera in progress. I'll help film!

There are some funny ones out there. I like Tiki Bar TV.

C'mon Mike. You'd be famous!


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Category: porn

10/29/05 10:05 - 39ºF - ID#20966

Janet Jackson is Mostly Plastic

LMAO my friend patrick sent my a link of a .wmv file of janet jackson sunbathing naked. hahaha.

She doesn't look that great
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10/29/05 08:17 - 38ºF - ID#20965


I cannot stop eating peanut butter. Everytime I'm hungary all I want is a peanut butter anything. I've had it on apples, celery, bread, potato chips, everything.

This is sort of like my Splenda addiction. Anyone have Splenda? I think its really cocaine. Splenda on green peppers is awesome.
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Category: politics

10/28/05 05:13 - 44ºF - ID#20964

Libby Resigns

Hahaha! I was leaving the law library and caught cnn blaring that Libby resigned. I bet Libby and Rove played rock, paper, scissor to see who was going to take the heat for this one.

I've been using my pto time to take the day off every pay day. We get paid bi-weekly. Its quite nice to do nothing all morning.

I went to Globe for lunch today. What a great place. It was busy and the food was really good. Hands down better than spot.

i need a nap.
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10/23/05 10:27 - 42ºF - ID#20963


Today was the first day I've slept in for about five months. It was so nice.

I watched Super Troopers toda; funny movie. I had never seen the entire thing at once.

I rented Big Trouble with Tim Allen and it wasn't that bad either.

I love candy corn. I want some right now. except... ever see the candy corn in the packages at the mobile station on the corner of lexington and elmwood? nasty. Everytime I get coffee, I play with the first bag. A couple of weekends, all the corn was stuck together in one big clump. Today it was mostly free, but still looked nasty.

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Category: ub

10/21/05 04:11 - 55ºF - ID#20962

Schussmeisters Pain

I hate ub. Its so full of bureaucratic bullshit.

I skipped out of work an hour early to go to UB to get my ski pass. I got my dad's id card and my license. That's all the little twerp said I needed that worked there.

I get in line, get to the counter and <<twerp>> says, hey, I waited on your dad last night. So I give him my license and he looks up, verifies all my information, then goes "Oh do you have your birth certificate with you?"

RAR No I didn't bring it because you told my dad that all I needed was my license and when I called from my car on the way over I was told just a license.

So I had to go all the way back home to get my certificate then go back to ub and stand in line. Luckily everyone had to go to class so there wasn't anyone there.

Blah. They were sooo slow too. Everyone was stuffing their fat faces behind the counter and no one was helping the small line that was there. I hate to think about the people that headed there at 5pm.

I remember going to get the passes when I was like 8 and standing in line with my mom and all these alumni that had lugged their framed diplomas with them to prove they were alumni.

Who could we complain to that would even care? I was thinking about it. The stupid fucks behind the counter didn't care how long the line was, no one was going to fire them.

Ugh. at least I got it.
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