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03/19/05 04:38 - ID#20930


I fell asleep at 9pm last night and woke up at 7am. Now I'm super-tired and want to go to bed again.

Anyone going to Trimania tonight? I hope its fun.

Pushing aside Crown and Coke, I've discovered the even-better joy of Jack and Coke.
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03/19/05 01:33 - ID#20929


Happy Birthday Matthew!
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03/14/05 10:30 - ID#20928

The iPod Story

The first time I bought an iPod, I got the 20 gig model and an armband to go with it. The original plan was that I would be able to run with it. I get it home, load the songs onto it, throw it in the arm band and put the arm band on my arm. It was really awkward to use the controls to switch songs, and I kept wanting to look at the screen when I was moving. I wound up taking it back less than three hours later.

Jeff gets back from his trip and has an iPod Shuffle waiting for me :oD So far so good. Its a lot lighter and fits on my arm better. Bonus was that I didn't know it held files until I read the manual.

balls out fun :oP

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03/12/05 07:55 - ID#20927


(e:ajay) geocaching looks like crazy fun!

After eating dinner and coming back up here and reading my naked journal entry, I feel like I should redirect the question to (e:paul).

Would it be so terrible if someone posted a naked picture of themselves on here?

I'm not looking for a definitive answer; just something to chew on. I see no difference in a naked user pict and the pictures of where we view the (e:strip).

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03/12/05 06:31 - ID#20926

Would it be so wrong

To post a series of naked pictures? Not erotic by any means but just a normal picture but without any clothes.

Think about it. We are all naked, we were born naked. I'm really naked under my clothing right this moment.

So why cringe and immediately think it would be dirty. I'm clean I showered twice today.


n a k e d
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03/12/05 06:29 - ID#20925

This isn't really all about me.

Today I realized how easy it is to boss people around. I've been doing it my whole life. Almost everybody takes the shit I spew out as the god-given truth. AND NO ONE EVER ASKS ANY QUESTIONS. At work, with friends, with the exception of some of my family, no one really challenges my ideas.

Yesterday at work I was thinking about Thursday when the doctor I work for was seeing patients. Not one single patient questioned the doctor. No one asked if something else could be done, not even the homeopathic girl who told me initially that she didn't believe in prescription medication and wouldn't take it if prescribed. She walked out of there with four prescriptions.

There were a couple of other patients who were so intimidated by the office they would have believed me if I told them their ears were going to fall off.

Is it possible that we have gotten that lazy that we can't think for ourselves? Or is it just me and I've surrounded myself with wimps?

I think my friends are most certainly not wimps and that most of the patients I see at work are moderately intelligent people but as of late no one seems to want to buck the trend. What happened to the high road? I like the high road.

Change is great. Pushing limits is awesome. Asking questions lead to nothing except new knowledge. America's been settling into mediocre for a long time now and I'm getting scared.
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03/11/05 12:17 - ID#20924


I picked up the latest Details magazine yesterday because "Mr. Britney Spears" is on the cover. I wanted to see what he had to say... sadly he has nothing to say except 33 explitives. It was a really bad interview and the pictures didn't even appear appealing.

On a better note I figured out what to get my bf for his birthday. Two weeks of racking my brain and I finally figured something out. I hate buying gifts for people. The only thing worse is having to decide what I want. I prefer just to go out and buy things. I can never wait until a holiday or my birthday to get what I want. I think increasing my patience level was a resolution a few years ago.

I had to toss my contacts this afternoon after I squirted Cidex solution in my eye. Cidex is the disinfectant we use for our exam room instruments. It burned like crazy for 15 minutes. I had to drive home blind. WHEEEEEEE!

Paul: It took a while to get used to using a trackball as opposed to the mouse. I'm not a fan of mice becuase they take up too much space. I really like the multiple buttons on the trackball becuase I'm lazy and set it up to do a bunch of stuff in the OS. I think its one of those things you either love or hate.

I can't decide if my dogs love or hate each other.


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03/06/05 05:58 - ID#20923


Its cold out. I wish it was warm again.

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03/06/05 02:39 - ID#20922

Have you ever realized how

Some people are just miserable and there is nothing you can do to change that? It's sad.

I am quickly realizing that most of my friends in college now have little to nothing in common with me anymore. I don't have any blame to place. Last night I went out to dinner and realized that short of college, there wasn't much common interest. Almost one whole year later, those whom I still speak to, I've had as friends since before college. On an interpersonal level it is kinda interesting. On a social level, I feel like I am wasting my time.

I swam a mile yesterday. It felt fantastic. When I had twenty laps left, I just wanted to sink to the bottom of the pool becuase I was so hungry. Sex and food, what more does a man need.
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03/04/05 11:33 - ID#20921

Where I View the Strip...


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