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08/18/04 11:45 - ID#20910

Airports... blah

Terrorists used planes as mobile missiles three years ago. Ok. Now we have to wait and wade through a ridiculous system which isn't really that much more effective than the old way.

Isn't it all stupid? I mean c'mon we have thousands of people using train systems and no one gets frisked board subway systems, or buses, or renting motor boats or, even scarier, U-Hauls and those big yellow Rider trucks.

What idiot would attempt to use a plane to unleash terror on the US again?

If we are going to clog an already teetering airport transportation system up so the dumb fucks that believe Bush feel the world is safer, than we need to totally fuck everyone over and make sure you can't even sneeze without an FBI agent riding your ass.

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08/14/04 01:01 - ID#20909

Matthew:::You know Katie Perryman?!

HAHAHA! If that picture is of you and Katie Perryman, that is so cool. She used to work at BN on NF BLVD.

wow. cool!
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08/13/04 09:44 - ID#20908

US news media

ugh. I've gotten into the habit of scouring USA Today, Buffalo News, NY Times and the Wallstreet Journal every morning. The Wall Street Journal is by far my favorite. USA Today is the easiest to read. NY Times has pretty good articles. The Buffalo News sucks.

Blah. I wish we had UK papers imported here. I'd like to get into reading those and see what the daily media thinks of the US. I've noticed that the papers used to ride Clinton and Bush appears to get a light smearing.

Now that doesn't seem very fair does it?!
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08/11/04 03:23 - ID#20907

AIM: I've cut the rope

After years of being tethered to AIM I am ready to take the plunge and disconnect myself.

I still have my cell phone and email, but AIM appears to do more harm then good. I have felt like I am dodging people when I am online; I leave my away message up and get anxious when I get IMs and just ignore them.

My away messages serve no purpose other than stupid message to people I should just call on the telephone to begin with.

I took iChat off of the dock, out of the status menu. I deleted my AOL program as well as AIM.

I hope I can stick this out. :oP
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08/11/04 03:05 - ID#20906

Bouncing off the Walls

I've felt like I am bouncing off the walls the past four days. Its very odd.

I hate my job. Its part-time, I think my co-workers are fantastic, but the actual job is numbing. I went in today after having an entire week off and I felt horrible. Its time for something new.

I saw the Cole Porter movie yesterday with my friend Paul. It was entertaining. I think the title was De-Lovely.

I went to see Little Black Book tonight with Britney Murphy and it was terrible. Weak story line and it dragged. V. low budget.

Is AIM on its way out? I used to have a ton of people on my list and I could spend hours chatting online. Now I have about 25 people, four of which are on but always away and I have no motivation to chat with anyone online for any length of time. I have text messaging on my phone which I enjoy, but sitting in front of my computer to chat with people is really boring.

I bet I'm boring and too arrogant to admit it. hum.
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08/04/04 06:01 - ID#20905

8* haha cute face
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