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02/22/05 11:08 - ID#20920

My Cup Runneth Over

I forgot to put my contacts in this morning and I happened to be really thirsty all day long. Pretty much every time I went to pour myself a glass of water, I would over fill the cup and there would be water all over the counter.

I can't wait for pregnant girl to leave. Pregnant women are not happy women as I've found out. Nothing, nada makes them happy once they are in a bad mood. You can't run far enough away, produce results fast enough or dress well enough to make the pregnant woman happy.

I'm a happy camper again! No more cold, cough, runny nose! YAY! Jeff has it now. hahaha

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02/20/05 08:29 - ID#20919

Engineered Science

say what you will about the pharmaceutical industry, but I am a firm believer in the power of drugs. Legal, illegal, I don't care, I cannot stand to be sick. Six amoxicillin, eight motrin, and a zyrtec-d later I am as good as new. Too bad its Sunday night. hahaha figures.

I think I am going to mosey on down to Towne and get a milkshake.
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02/20/05 06:41 - ID#20918


Twenty minutes of trying to fix my picture in Photoshop and it still looks squished. sigh. sorry paul... I really did pay attention in class

more attempts after dinner.
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02/20/05 03:13 - ID#20917

My Reality is Television

I've spent all weekend on the couch watching tv, sleeping and eating. Its been a lot of fun. Last night I got my sorry ass showered and changed so I could run to blockbuster and rent Legally Blonde 2 and Employee of the Month.
Employee of the Month was great. Totally not what I expected.
Legally Blonde was a bore. I can't believe it was released to theaters.

I felt like I was over my cold the beginning of last week, now I feel sick again. blah.

Congratulations (e:matthew) on winning the photo contest!

(e:mike) It sounds like you are enjoying Mel's class. I loved his classes! He is so much fun, totally laid back as long as you do the work and know everything. CrAZY times.

I really think MTV needs to put the Real World to bed. This is horrible television mostly because sticking random people in different cities is now delivering the same bullshit season after season.

Ooo Paul I'm sorry wifi at the airport didn't work out for you. I don't understand why places such as the airport don't just have free access. There isn't even free access at downtown spot anymore. I was in Philadelphia this summer as there were setting up the free wifi network and there were hundreds of people outside with their laptops having meetings, working, was awesome.
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02/13/05 05:03 - ID#20916

Good times with Mikey the Bartender

I went to LeMetro last night with Jeff, Megan and Bill to hang out. It was a lot of fun, more fun than last weekend when we were there. They have a really good band playing on Saturday nights too. I can't remember what they were playing though... but it was good. :o)

Mike the bartender is sweet! Great drinks all night.

Anyone been to the bagel shop on Elmwood across from Wilson Farms? It used to be a dirty Manhattan Bagel. I was there this morning and I was pretty impressed. I got 6 strips of bacon on my bagel instead of two. haha I wish SpOT did Bagel, egg and cheese sandwiches.

Is it just me or is it hit or miss with Gabriel's Gate. The past two times I've eaten there I've gotten sick from the food. The last time I was there I had to wait forever to get a table AND they totally messed up our orders. It was crazy... I wonder if its just me.
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02/12/05 06:36 - ID#20915


I went out to the Galleria mall and it was really busy. I didn't find anything I wanted to buy except the iPod shuffle. I thought it was pretty cool, esp. the weight of it. I would rather run with it than my sony cd player.

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02/10/05 10:44 - ID#20914

What a Dick

I cannot believe that anyone would even entertain this idea. This makes me sick to my stomach.

Democratic Party Chairman Len Lenihan was on the radio Wednesday morning, talking about the dire situation involving the Erie County Budget.

He suggested animals at the Buffalo Zoo may have to be put down.

"For him to say that is outrageous," said Dr. Donna Fernandes, President and CEO of the Buffalo Zoo. "I am not going to euthanize our animals!"

The county budget deficit of $108.4 million dollars is putting the zoo, and other departments, in a tough position, however.

Dr. Fernandes says the zoo stands to lose all of its county funding in the plan now before lawmakers, which amounts to 30% of the zoo's income. For now, the zoo is borrowing money to meet operating expenses.

"By now, we should have received a check for $350,000 from the county," said Dr. Fernandes.

As for his claim that zoo animals may have to be put down, Lenihan declined to comment to Channel 2 news.

Dr. Fernandes said they may have to ship some animals to other accredited zoos. They are making plans to do that with animal species for which they have more than one animal, and for rotating exhibits. Because it can be dangerous to transport animals in the winter, Dr. Fernandes said they would not begin shipping animals for months to come, and hopefully, not until after their busy summer season.

She said it can be difficult to find another zoo that will accept older animals, like some of their lions, but if they need to get rid of older animals, the Buffalo Zoo will search for animal sanctuaries that will accept them.

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02/10/05 08:43 - ID#20913


I feel better is the good news. Bad news is I have to go to work.

Ick, shower time.
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02/09/05 02:10 - ID#20912


I'm sick for the sixth day in a row. I wouldn't be sick if I didn't have this cough. Blah.

Good news is I am off from work today! YAY!
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02/05/05 05:49 - ID#20911


I haven't been on (e:strip) in so long, everythings different. CooL!

I've gotten into humor essayists over the past couple of years. It started out with what I thought was a kinky gay sex book called Naked by David Sedaris. I picked up a few random authors along the way like David Rakoff who wrote Fraud, but they aren't as good as Sedaris. In December I stumbled onto Laurie Notaro who is hilarious. She has three books out; I'm half way through the second one.

I miss school. Work is boring. Really boring. I get paid to sit around. Its not fun, its not cool. I got a membership to the YMCA Southtowns so I can swim on my lunch hour and run after work. I decided to train for a triathlon so my efforts aren't in vain.

I have HIPAA coming out of my ass. I can practically recite the entire legislation from memory standing on my head. I have patients asking me "important, serious questions" about their information daily. There must be something up about it because there is a huge renewed interest in it. Blah. I really want to tell people the truth which is the only thing HIPPA does is create massive games of phone tag.
Anyway. peace out
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