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Category: politics

10/28/05 05:13 - 44ºF - ID#20964

Libby Resigns

Hahaha! I was leaving the law library and caught cnn blaring that Libby resigned. I bet Libby and Rove played rock, paper, scissor to see who was going to take the heat for this one.

I've been using my pto time to take the day off every pay day. We get paid bi-weekly. Its quite nice to do nothing all morning.

I went to Globe for lunch today. What a great place. It was busy and the food was really good. Hands down better than spot.

i need a nap.
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10/23/05 10:27 - 42ºF - ID#20963


Today was the first day I've slept in for about five months. It was so nice.

I watched Super Troopers toda; funny movie. I had never seen the entire thing at once.

I rented Big Trouble with Tim Allen and it wasn't that bad either.

I love candy corn. I want some right now. except... ever see the candy corn in the packages at the mobile station on the corner of lexington and elmwood? nasty. Everytime I get coffee, I play with the first bag. A couple of weekends, all the corn was stuck together in one big clump. Today it was mostly free, but still looked nasty.

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Category: ub

10/21/05 04:11 - 55ºF - ID#20962

Schussmeisters Pain

I hate ub. Its so full of bureaucratic bullshit.

I skipped out of work an hour early to go to UB to get my ski pass. I got my dad's id card and my license. That's all the little twerp said I needed that worked there.

I get in line, get to the counter and <<twerp>> says, hey, I waited on your dad last night. So I give him my license and he looks up, verifies all my information, then goes "Oh do you have your birth certificate with you?"

RAR No I didn't bring it because you told my dad that all I needed was my license and when I called from my car on the way over I was told just a license.

So I had to go all the way back home to get my certificate then go back to ub and stand in line. Luckily everyone had to go to class so there wasn't anyone there.

Blah. They were sooo slow too. Everyone was stuffing their fat faces behind the counter and no one was helping the small line that was there. I hate to think about the people that headed there at 5pm.

I remember going to get the passes when I was like 8 and standing in line with my mom and all these alumni that had lugged their framed diplomas with them to prove they were alumni.

Who could we complain to that would even care? I was thinking about it. The stupid fucks behind the counter didn't care how long the line was, no one was going to fire them.

Ugh. at least I got it.
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10/17/05 11:19 - ID#20961

yea. i'd still kick his ass

After a rather length discussion with a friend of mine that I haven't talked to in over three years, I decided that if I saw my ex-boyfriend walking down the street, I'd kick his ass.

He's in Chicago now, haha but (e:strip)pers may be privey to a street fight at somepoint. :-p

I feel bad sometimes for not keeping in touch with friends that have moved away. My friend Patrick has been out of Buffalo for over four years now and we talk maybe once a year on the phone. He's so freak crazy its awesome.

In other news... (e:matthew), lechworth looks amazing. I'd like to go see the colors in the southtowns at somepoint.

(e:leetee), do you know if its true that I'd have to give up my US citizenship to apply for Canadien citizenship? I heard you can get a Jamacain citizenship in like three hours?! p.s. sweet pictures of the Terminal! I wish they'd turn it into living and office space. I think that would be so neat.
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10/11/05 10:02 - ID#20960

J crew

Is it true that JCrew has stopped making the roll-neck sweater?

I love the roll neck sweater! I know they stopped making them in black, so I boughta navy one last winter.

  • I wish I has something else to talk about besides discontinued clothing.

Anyone familiar with ipoding cars? My brother and I are getting my mom an ipod minifor christmas and we want to get her mini cooper ipoded too.
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10/08/05 08:29 - 48ºF - ID#20959

Long Time No Post

Its been a really long time since I posted something.

Elmwood looks vibrant. I'm glad many of the vacant buildings are being redone.

The Co-Op is cool, but I never went there when it was on Lexington, and I keep forgetting about it when I have to go to the store, so I still shop at Wegmans out of habit.

I went on a shopping spree and bought a PowerBook G4, a case from Timbuk2 and a bag from them as well. They have such cool shit!

I got a lap stand for my laptop too.

I wish I could say something exciting has happened in my life, but nope. Its been really normal. No broken bones, noses, etc.

Work has even been really calm. Go figure.
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08/12/05 08:37 - 83ºF - ID#20958


haha it just occured to me that i never posted anything about the 10k entry party. it was a lot of fun. it was nice to meet everyone. (e:ladycroft) maybe this fall we can go geocaching.

I made a friend at the gym this week. She's in her 60's, retired school teacher and can bench press 185lbs. Its quite fun to lift with her. sadly i think our relationship is short lived. she goes to the gym in the afternoon, I prefer to go in the am. :(

I'm glad this week is over. Work royally sucked, mostly because of a series of misunderstandings and the fact that the scheduling dept at buffalo general hospital is an evil department. Who puts their garbage can underneath the broken tray of the fax machine?! {im not kidding; for the longest time faxes were just falling into the garbage can and no one was pulling them out of the trash}

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08/07/05 09:44 - 87ºF - ID#20957


Did anyone else happen to catch the small blurb in the newspapers about how the Discovery crew saw huge stretches of land that we have destroyed? Complete forestes just disappeared since the last time the shuttle was up in space?

It was in the paper monday or tuesday I think, it was shortly after the shuttle got into space.

Funny how that isn't on the news at all and a story about our continuted hunt for osama bin laden is. I wonder how regulated the government keeps our news feeds.
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08/07/05 11:29 - 79ºF - ID#20956


When I was 11 my dad took me to Japan with him. We spent three days in Hiroshima while he gave a talk at a conference. Our hotel was across the bridge from the peace park, the location where the bomb landed. Inside it was solemn and dead quiet. There weren't any people talking, there were no birds chirping. It was completely silent.

When you walked around the muesem, they had display after display after display of how horrid the atomic bomb was. There was a set of concrete stairs with just an outline of where the person was sitting. Their body had been evaporated by the blast. There were pictures of people trying to walk down the streets with their skin just falling off the them.

Further into the park, there were thousands of paper crane's in the grass. I guess the school kids made them every year to remember the people that had died.

The United States use of the Atomic bomb was a mistake. Future use of nuclear warheads will do nothing except probably seal our fate. It would take what, five ICBM's to completly knock out most of the country, if not make it entirely uninhabitable?

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08/04/05 10:22 - 81ºF - ID#20955


I took the day off from work today. Wow! I so much stuff done it was incredible. No lines anywhere, just mostly middle aged women and kids all over the place.

After two hours of one-on-one training I am pretty sure my dog will now go to the end of the driveway and pick up the papers in the morning and bring them back to the door, provided the treat is already in my hand. I know he had it after the first try, the rest were just for the food. haha

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