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02/05/06 08:55 - 26ºF - ID#20984


I am on a movie break right now. Jeff and I watched XXX:state of the union which I thought was terrible, and Flightplan, which was suspensful, but anticlimatic.

Jeff is looking for an Indian Head Nickel Money Clip online right now. Eminent Design was selling it for way more than Froogle and are offering it. I guess they need to make money somehow. :op Really, I love those guys! If you haven't been, its a great store on the corner of Allen & Elmwood, its been there for quite a while.

Wegmans was crazy. The chip aisle was ravaged, I wish I would have taken a picture of it.

Jeff took me up to the YMCA in Niagara Falls today. Holy shit did they turn that place around. If anyone's been up there before it was purchased and taken a look now, its been cleaned up a lot. They still have these super-creepy weight rooms randomly tucked into two of the floors. All three weight rooms had totally outdated equipment from like the 1960s. It didn't smell or anything and the men's locker room was surprisingly clean.

There are two racquet ball courts in great condition. Short of the pool, racquet ball is the only other reason I would travel to the Y.

Perhaps we'll be privy to some Jagger boobie today.
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02/05/06 01:24 - 32ºF - ID#20982

Check the facts... i guess

Is anyone else sick of typos on news websites? I emailed Mike Igoe a few weeks ago (I wish I saved the email and had taken a screen shot of the error) about his articles that are posted on There is always some type of error and lately they have been really bad. I.e. the caption says one thing, and you open the link and it says something very different. {sorry for not being able to site an exact example}

I would like to post this from that has been up since at least 4pm yesterday. Yahoo! News had it listed incorrectly as well.



CNN can't get the guys age correct? C'mon. this is bogus. Yahoo! had it listed as 92 years old on their homepage an in the story they had it listed as 80something.
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01/31/06 10:08 - 31ºF - ID#20981

back in time

I wish I could go back in time, just a little bit. I was cleaning out a box that had old zip disks in it and I came across all of these pictures from my freshman and sophomore years in college.

haha everyone looks so young and happy.



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01/22/06 04:57 - 40ºF - ID#20980

Paul's Birthday!

[size=xl]HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL![/size]
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01/02/06 02:01 - 38ºF - ID#20979

My First Post of '06

haha! its 2006, my calender in Entourage is satisfyingly in order.

I have class tonight which irritates me, however, with the exception of this post, I am being very productive.

peace out
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12/24/05 07:22 - 42ºF - ID#20978

dave's christmas freak show

I'm so glad I only have to venture to Dave's christmas store once a year. It's one part of cheektowaga I can do without.

Jeff's little fake tree bit it this year, so he needed to get a new one. I can't believe how expensive little trees were at dave's. We got one at wegmans that was pretty big and pre-lit, which would have been great if it had been white lights. The retard at wegmans gave jeff one with colored lights, so we had to pull them all off and redo it with white and blue ones. it looks pretty cool now that its done.

it just looks nasty from the outside too

what's with the foil ceiling. That tree must have taken a couple of days to decorate. Luckily I don't care that much about decorating, so haha! no tree for me!


while jeff put the tree together, i pulled every light off the branches that was colored. they must treat the trees with something because my hands itched so bad when I was done


Anyway its christmas eve now, i'm glad its almost over. peace out

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12/24/05 07:16 - 42ºF - ID#20977

Christmas Cookies

Here are some pictures from the freakin cut out cookie day. I felt like a sweatshop worker :op



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12/24/05 06:51 - 42ºF - ID#20976

The Greatest Guy in the World


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11/20/05 02:27 - 49ºF - ID#20975


I nap on my floor. I sleep in a bed. My favorite place to sleep is the floor, in high school I couldn't stand my mattress so I would pull the sheets of my bed each night and sleep on the floor.

I've spent many a night sleeping on the floor in the DMA lab in Lyons hall at Canisius and I used to take naps under my desk in the yearbook office. I really like the floor, esp. carpeted floors.image
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11/18/05 11:38 - 31ºF - ID#20974

Scratch the shell of any cynic

and you'll find a frustrated idealist. {I can't find the author of this quote, sorry}

Have you ever stopped and looked at your life and wondered, what the hell am I doing? It's as though you life somehow overran you and you're just along for the ride.

I remember sitting in the yearbook office one night, wondering what the point of my college experience was. I don't feel particularly enlightened by what I was taught, I wouldn't say any of my professors were particularly profound and only three really pushed the class to think on their own and express what they felt. I wish I would have been taught to take risks, to think on my own and stand by my convictions. I wish my input was intellectually challenged instead of unanimously ignored by my classmates, with barely a nod from the professor.

I hope I always remember the Pauls that I come across: the free thinking, idealists who have the drive and independence to figure out what they want and how to get it, because they always seem to get the short end of the stick. I don't see a change in American culture coming anytime soon, shifting from acceptance of the status quo to respect and embracement of the free-thinker.

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