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Category: help!

06/27/07 08:26 - 79ºF - ID#39832


im moving on friday, around 1pm. im going to need a few extra pairs of hands, just to expedite the proceedure as i am only being given 2 days off to do this. im not asking for anyone to move heavy items, i will take care of those with my roomie, but it would save a lot of time if someone could help with the boxes/bags of clothing. i know i hardly know any of you, but the majority of my friends are unable to help and i don't want my old man having to move me as he is getting too old.
expenses are rough right now, but im willing to see what i can throw together for alcohol depending on your preferences. maybe even dinner when its all said and done.

anyone up for a moving party?
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: apologies

06/24/07 04:32 - 82ºF - ID#39794

okay, okay...

perhaps i was a bit cynical. well, okay.... i was. its not a very long story. simply put, the first woman i have had an attraction to in the past 6 years decided to just snub me over a feigned insult when i asked her if i was just a hookup after a bit of sex, cancelled dates, and shifty behaviours. i don't often get all soft on the pretty ones, but she had much more than that going on. so here i am, like, 3 weeks later, and still no word from her after she needed "space". nobody likes being played, you know? i suppose at this point im just sad for her and her inability to deal emotionally or maturely like an adult.
to boot, i work with a bunch of evil, catty women. in fact, almost every person i work with is female, and i really don't get too many positive impressions from them about the entire feminine gender- as they are all uncareing, vougue reading, view watching, husband-hunting, pieces of mass-media trash. what has happened to women in the past 6 years? it seems to me like they have all changed, become careless and caustic, with no regard for anything other than instant pleasure and gratification. to be honest, women are reminding me more and more of the typical MALE stereotype, and men- the other way around. i don't watch television or read any media, so what the hell is going on in america?! i don't understand women like i used to... and i didn't really get them to begin with. i really am beginning to feel like mass media has changed the demands of the gender roles in the past few years.
all that said, im going to apologize to the individual ladies who may not represent these "qualities" and in a twofold manuver, ask for you to stand up and take a shot at proving me wrong. godz know i need some positive impressions, right now. being a curmudgeon will not ever help me meet that special "somone".

oh yeah, and im a pacifist. i could never resort to physical violence, let alone murder. lets just say my words can kill and leave it at that.
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Category: castration

06/23/07 03:04 - 53ºF - ID#39778

for the ladies...

i have got a major hate-on, right now. it will be a long time before i can feel even comfortable to hang out with females. they simply cannot be trusted worth shit, and are incapable of being forthcoming or upfront. its funny how i have allways been told the males of the species mature slower, and have never seen anything to prove it through my personal experiences. maybe its just because im not like most men.
i would like to think that women are all individuals, but im beginning to see base character traits among all of them, and it seriously disgusts me. petty, greedy, shallow, calloused, and unflinchingly manipulative- i see it every day in just about any way a woman regards a man. we are cattle to them, worker drones. all of us are replaceable by somone thinner, more attractive, more wealthy, popular, or just plain more anything. i simpley cannot trust the bond of a woman, anymore. genetics simply place their concerns with security over that of either emotion or social regard.
im sorry, im sure you are all great on an individual basis, but as a whole, you are deceitful, hurtful, plotting creatures whos only concern is hooking up with somone you can show off to the rest of your catty, fucked up little population of breeders.

maybe ill just get lucky and it will only be the women in buffalo.

hell, who am i kidding.

feel free to send me hate comments to perpetuate my new paradigm.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

06/22/07 10:39 - 59ºF - ID#39776


...and heartbreak.
im also moving in a week.
that is all.
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Location: Buffalo, NY



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