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Category: castration

07/05/07 12:18 - 66ºF - ID#39918

what the hell is wrong with women?

what is the deal with women saying they are going to hang out, make plans to do something, or say they want space or whatever, AND NEVER GETTING BACK TO YOU OR IN TOUCH WITH YOU TO AT LEAST LET YOU KNOW WHATS GOING ON? i mean, wouldnt it be considerate to just drop a line and be forward and say-

"hey, i don't feel like hanging out"


"hey, im not going to be able to make it"


"hey, this just isn't going to work"

and here the typical stereotype is that men never show enough concern for plans/emotions/commitment.

i swear to god, as far as romance and gender roles are concerned, more and more im beginning to believe the proverbial tables have been turned.

on another note, i have met somone... and she is gorgeous. but, for some reason, i cannot get the last one out of my head(heart?). i don't know what to do, because she could be soo much better for me, but im just not feeling as into her as the other (previous) one. i seem to have little in common with her comparitivley to the last girl, who was by all means, save reciprocation, my dreammate.

its been more than three weeks. when somone asks for space, generally they don't mean 4+ weeks. she still hasn't deleted me from her myspace profile, but has ignored the few attempts i made to reach her to at least get some form of closure.

i don't want to hurt this new one, but i don't want this previous mess to tangle me up, either. i want to be able to move on and try somethin with somone, and why not with her (new girl)? she is gorgeous, and i mean that, but she dosent interest me as much (or quickly?) as the other. maybe its just because we didn't fuck within the first 4 hours of meeting each other like i did with the last one. i feel like my heart is constantly being put through a rock tumbler.

maybe if im lucky it will come out all smooth, polished, and pretty. hopefully somone might be able to ignore the fact that despite its brilliant veneer it has gone cold and hard...
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