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06/27/07 08:26 - ID#39832


im moving on friday, around 1pm. im going to need a few extra pairs of hands, just to expedite the proceedure as i am only being given 2 days off to do this. im not asking for anyone to move heavy items, i will take care of those with my roomie, but it would save a lot of time if someone could help with the boxes/bags of clothing. i know i hardly know any of you, but the majority of my friends are unable to help and i don't want my old man having to move me as he is getting too old.
expenses are rough right now, but im willing to see what i can throw together for alcohol depending on your preferences. maybe even dinner when its all said and done.

anyone up for a moving party?
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joe said to joe
Never send a man to do a grandma's job...

sina said to sina
yes thank you!
Well, since 2018 I am living in France, I have finished my second master of science,...

paul said to sina
Nice to hear from you!! Hope everything is going great....

paul said to twisted
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