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Category: linux

01/12/12 10:33 - ID#55897

Cobol Here I come

Based on conversations at (e:pmt)'s New Years party, being a dinosaur with some vague 30 year old course work in Cobol makes me somewhat marketable if I brush up on my Cobol coding skills.

Well, there is something called Open Cobol that is Cobol compiler that runs on linux. Fedora has it in it's repositories.

Hopefully, I can get it to work. And code, code, code my way into a new job.
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01/12/12 10:25 - ID#55896

Work 1, Beer Club 0

I hope y'all had a fun time at Beer Club. Perhaps if Jupiter aligns with Mars and Peace guides the Planets or I get fired, I'll make it to Beer Club in February.

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Category: polish songs

12/16/11 10:54 - ID#55753

wigs and accordians and

an interesting live version.

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Category: music

12/10/11 10:46 - ID#55695

Rock Lobster Robots

From the same guy who gave us I love the guitar playing machine. The machine plays a guitar with 4 strings just like Ricky Wilson. I am in awe.

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Category: music

12/10/11 10:42 - ID#55693

Geeks Rock

I knew scanners could produce sound but I never even considered the idea of hard drives as precussive devices. House of the Rising Sun played by machines. Geeks Rock

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Category: linux

12/10/11 10:28 - ID#55692

I'm quite fond of Fedora 16

FWIW, I think it is better than Fedora 15. It's better for music production than Ubuntu Studio. Everything works. But, of course, I'm not trying to use R like my wee (e:sisteryn).

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Category: linux

11/30/11 10:17 - ID#55629

Success! Fedora 16

Quickest install ever. Everything works. Faster. Yay!! 64-bit Flash supported without wrapper.

Double Yay!
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Category: music

11/18/11 10:50 - ID#55546

If it gets too bushy you can trim

Amanda Palmer and the Young Punx featuring Peaches. The name of the song is "Map of Tasmania". Workplace warning: If Peaches is involved someone might be offended.

Amanda Palmer also does ukelele covers of Lady Gaga. 'nuff said
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Category: music

06/19/11 10:32 - ID#54540

Wendy MacDonald

Spookey Ruben . (btw, this is "cancon."
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Category: music

05/23/11 10:58 - ID#54336

I wanna be yr dog

I heard this on soma covers internet radio today and I just had to share. Of course, Eastern Europe is somehow involved. The pianist is Vika Yermolyeva Apparently, she does piano covers of songs that perhaps don't even have piano. 'nuff said. I think that John Cale would like this.

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