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Category: linux

05/30/12 10:28 - ID#56501

Beefy Miracle

I upgraded the hex-core box to Fedora 17 (code name Beefy Miracle) using preupgrade with no problems.

Update 05/31/12: I'm getting a kernel panic when I shutdown/reboot, see for a fix.

Update 05/31/12 Sound is broken. No solution yet

Update 06/01/12 Sound working. A known bug was a PAM permission problem that could be fixed by running authconfig --updateall . I also upgraded to a 3.4x ccrma kernel So it could be either or both.
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Category: polish songs

05/04/12 10:19 - ID#56424

Do Laury

Yet another Polish art rock song with texts by some dead white guy named Czesław Miłosz. Despite being dead, white and a guy, Miłosz was a great poet.

I like the poem and the song. I love the video.

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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

joe said to grandma
OMG welcome!...

joe said to mike
New years resolution to top (e:strip)?...