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Category: linux

05/30/12 10:28 - ID#56501

Beefy Miracle

I upgraded the hex-core box to Fedora 17 (code name Beefy Miracle) using preupgrade with no problems.

Update 05/31/12: I'm getting a kernel panic when I shutdown/reboot, see for a fix.

Update 05/31/12 Sound is broken. No solution yet

Update 06/01/12 Sound working. A known bug was a PAM permission problem that could be fixed by running authconfig --updateall . I also upgraded to a 3.4x ccrma kernel So it could be either or both.
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Category: polish songs

05/04/12 10:19 - ID#56424

Do Laury

Yet another Polish art rock song with texts by some dead white guy named Czesław Miłosz. Despite being dead, white and a guy, Miłosz was a great poet.

I like the poem and the song. I love the video.

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