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Category: music

07/21/09 10:41 - 63ºF - ID#49348

GHP Goes Bananas


I've been a big fan of Mark Vidler and
Go Home Productions for years. I think I think he is my favie mash-up artist. Here is one of his latest efforts. Enjoy it before it's gone

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Category: neighbors

07/02/09 10:11 - 65ºF - ID#49177

A Pleasant Surprise

Recently the Lovely Lettuce posted about our neighbors. and not seeing the nicer side of them. Well today, I did.

The previous administrations of our house left us with evergreen shrubs and landscape timber in our front yard. I got rid of the shrubs a couple of weeks ago. And today's project was getting the landscape timber into the backyard so I could decide what to do with them.

The previous admin's used round telephone pole like timbers. As I was struggling with a timber pretty much as tall as me, our neighbor (the male part of the couple Lettuce wrote about) came out and asked me if I needed help. This was a very pleasant surprise.

By that time, I was covered in dirt so I asked him "Are you sure you want to? You'll get dirty" He said that he didn't mind if he did.

So he helped me carry one from the front to the back. And in the middle of carrying the second large timber, my bad shoulder popped. We got it to the backyard. And I told him I would deal with it some other day. I didn't want him to do all my heavy lifting.

I thanked him for helping. He said it was just a small thing. I said to me it was more than just a small thing and that I really appreciated it.

Given everything that has happened, it was a very pleasant surprise that he would take the time and effort to help me.
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